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01 Process Navigator

Guides all employees in their daily work with a personalized platform and AI Copilot for easy access to tasks, reminders, documents, and more – all with just a few clicks.

02 Action Center

As an integral part of the Navigator, it simplifies task tracking and compliance for individuals and managers. With a chat-like comment section helping to improve communication.

03 Process Cockpit

Provides leaders and employees with a holistic view of business metrics, real-time process performance and optimization impact simulation.

04 Process Designer

Enables people to map their company like a flowchart – with AI powered process modeling, consolidating all BPM, QMS, and IMS solutions into one product.

Our Clients

By prioritizing strong, lasting relationships with our clients, we are able to constantly learn and grow.

02 Action Center

Enables employees to create, assign, and receive tasks, ensuring compliance through reminders, status updates and entire process views across various people and tasks.

→ All relevant tasks in one place
→ Statuses, reminders and live commenting
→ Comprehensive process visibility

03 Process Cockpit

Provides comprehensive business metrics, real-time process performance, deviation detection, and AI-driven simulations to provide invaluable insights and enhance business monitoring.

→ End-to-end process performance overview

→ Automatic optimization identification and impact simulation
→ Integrated BI dashboards

04 Process Designer

Empowers end-to-end business planning, from creating a digital enterprise map to modeling processes and managing customer journeys, KPIs, documents, risks, and more – all with built-in accountability.

→ Object-centric data model

→ AI powered process modeling and optimizing
→ Unified project & operation management

Your own Copilot
OUT NOW: Symbio AI
Your own Copilot
OUT NOW: Symbio AI
Your own Copilot
OUT NOW: Symbio AI
Your own Copilot
OUT NOW: Symbio AI

Symbio AI

Discover what Symbio AI can do for you. This is just the beginning.


AI Modeling

AI Modeling

Process modeling in hyperspeed

Fast-track your transformation: With Symbio AI you can create process models at the push of a button. These processes adapt dynamically and in real-time, responding to changing conditions and inputs – enhancing your agility.


Content Generation

Content Generation

Generate content in seconds

Work smarter: Symbio AI can generate documents, descriptions, and complete process flows. Even the prompts are automated: depending on where you are in the process Symbio AI will generate them automatically.


Knowledge Mining

Knowledge Mining

A smart map of your organization

Gain more insights: Symbio AI analyzes vast amounts of data from various sources to automatically discover business processes. This knowledge is mapped in the Business Navigator and made accessible to all employee .


Smart Compliance


Is it relevant? Is it true?

Keep it real: Symbio AI always knows where you are within a given process. As your personalized Copilot, it will show you only the current, relevant, and true information in the context of your task. This is smart compliance.

Mining and modeling
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Webinar – Process Excellence | Dec 19, 2023 | 10am ET/4pm CET

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Process optimization redefined: Celonis’ acquisition of Symbio is a major step in providing organizations with more comprehensive process intelligence.

Join our webinar to learn how you can enhance your digital twin to capture the entire organization with its process and system landscape, customer touchpoints and all associated contextual information in addition to your end-to-end processes. Model target processes with the help of AI and simply roll out process changes to all employees.

See how process and system transformations are thought through to the end! And in closing, we look forward to your questions during the Q&A.

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Where do we
add value?

Discover how Symbio can revolutionize your
business processes and level up your

Process excellence

Symbio AI automates routine tasks, accelerating them by as much as 60%. What will you do with all the time you’ve saved?

Risk & compliance

On average we make organizations 45% more compliant, meaning your processes flow even as your company grows.

Digital transformation

Automate your application lifecycle and establish a business navigation system for better overview and control in your project.

Customer journey

Create new customer experiences: with the process-oriented customer journey map in Symbio.

Enterprise architecture management

Strategically manage and optimize your enterprise architecture, ensuring clear business goals and efficient resource planning.

ERP transformation

Streamlined Enterprise Resource Planning ensures smoother transitions and maximized benefits.

Integrated management system

Symbio provides a unified platform for efficient management across quality, environment, health, safety, and more.

Quality management

Ensure consistent quality standards, by reducing errors, and improving customer satisfaction.

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DB Netze

How DB Netze found their Flow with Symbio.


Clear workflows and clear skies for SATAIR A/S.

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Symbio can boost your company’s compliance with industry regulations, as well as internal guidelines.

Better regulatory compliance

Symbio ensures processes adhere to regulatory standards and helps organizations avoid penalties.

Enhanced auditing capabilities

Symbio keeps thorough records and audit trails, simplifying and demonstrating regulatory compliance.

Increased process visibility

Symbio’s real-time monitoring enables organizations to identify and address compliance issues proactively.

Compliant workflows

Symbio automates tasks, reducing human errors and ensuring consistent adherence to regulations.


Seamlessly integrate Symbio into your existing systems, enhancing data flow and collaboration.


Enable different software systems to understand and interact with each other’s functionalities.

Data Exchange

Facilitate the exchange of data between systems – like a steady Flow of information.

Functionality Access

Use a simplified interface to access complex functionality – exposing only what is necessary for interaction.


Ensure that data and functionality are accessed only by authorized users or applications – including authentication, access tokens, or API keys.


What is Symbio used for?

Symbio is used to model, automate, optimize, manage and communicate business processes for improved efficiency and productivity.

How does Symbio improve process efficiency?

Symbio streamlines workflows, automates tasks, and provides real-time monitoring, reducing delays and errors in process execution.

Can Symbio integrate with existing systems?

Yes, Symbio is designed to integrate seamlessly with various applications and databases (Celonis, SAP, Microsoft, Atlassian, Microfocus, and more) for data exchange and process alignment. Learn more

Does Symbio require technical expertise to use?

While some technical knowledge is helpful, Symbio has a user-friendly interface that allows non-technical users to flow with it.

Can Symbio handle complex and customized processes?

Yes, Symbio offers flexibility to handle complex processes and can be customized to match specific business requirements.


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Flow [fləʊ]


verb to go from one place to another in a steady stream;


verb to be produced continuously and without effort;


noun the mental state in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energy and enjoyment in the process.