Weve joined the
Celonis family.

MUNICH to NEW YORK — November 13, 2023

We are very excited to share that Symbioworld GmbH is joining forces with Celonis, the global leader in process mining. We have merged our strengths to redefine the landscape of process management.

The result? An intelligent, compliant, and data-driven approach that empowers organizations to execute processes with precision.

As part of our announcement, we launched an enhanced version of the Process Cockpit, merging live process insights with data gathered by Symbio into one unified experience. This enables compliant and intelligent process execution across all users of an organization by integrating core process KPIs and insights with customers’ process models and guidelines.

Organizations can now provide managers and employees with a unified end-to-end process experience for deploying process best practices aligned with real-time performance metrics and monitoring.

Want to Know More?
Explore this groundbreaking collaboration at Celosphere 2023 in Munich, Germany on November 14-15.

About Celonis and Symbio
Celonis, a pioneer in Process Intelligence since 2011, and Symbio, an enterprise process and quality management software innovator since 2005, unite to drive sustainable optimization for leading companies.

Please find the full press release here.


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