How DB Netze found their Flow with Symbio

Moving to the Beat of Efficiency

A comprehensive data portal

We created the «DB Netze Rulebook Portal» – your one-stop hub for company rules, regulations, and processes.

Single sign-on access

At the push of a button, all DB Netze employees can access the information they need to do their job efficiently.

Optimized databases & access rights

Secure data sharing with precision – internally and with external parties, such as contractors or collaborators.

Simplifying the complex

The Deutsche Bahn (DB Netze), Germany’s famed railway system, is used by on average 7.3 million people per day, all moving along 33,000 kilometers of tracks that flow throughout the country. However, daily operations are challenged by unpredictable weather, unforeseen track closures, and cross-border customs coordination. These are just a few of the logistical hurdles that DB Netze must overcome everyday to keep all 40.000 of their trains running on time and safely.

DB Netze relies on a staggering amount of data to keep itself running to regulation: with 12,000 sets of rules, 2,000 directives, and over 1,000 processes. Despite being vital to the operation of the railway network, these guidelines and processes were all stored on different databases, with different logins, administrators, and maintenance teams. As a company dedicated to efficient people transportation, they required a data solution that could meet their unique needs. This is where Symbio stepped into the picture.

Having already implemented various BPM projects within the Deutsche Bahn AG Group since 2018, Symbio was the obvious choice for optimizing the regulatory databases of the railway itself.

«In a world with increasingly digitized work processes, it is crucial for all employees to access the necessary information and handle processes as quickly and efficiently as possible. This applies to office clerks and maintenance workers on the move with a tablet,» explains Lars Fischer, Head of Quality and Process Management at DB Netze.

Together, Symbio and DB Netze developed the «DB Netze Rulebook Portal», a comprehensive process, quality and knowledge management solution based on Symbio SaaS. It is used by Deutsche Bahn’s over 41,000 employees across Germany.



Average number of Deutsche Bahn passengers per day



Sets of rules that have to be followed to remain compliant



DB Netze employees that work with different knowledge bases and processes

Transforming data access

With single sign-on access, employees can now conveniently access the rules and regulations portal after authenticating their work device just one time. Open interfaces ensure future integration with other applications, rule databases, or data sources.

These optimized databases can also provide external service providers and partners, such as engineering firms or bridge construction companies, with read access to the rules and regulations. This enables both external partners and internal employees to easily determine the applicable specifications and regulations.

At Symbio, our goal is to be your partner in the digitalization process, helping your organization work more efficiently than ever. In the case of DB Netze, we were able to bring the thousands of regulations and processes together and make all that information flow through the entire organization.

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