We are the creators
of Flow.

At Symbio, we believe that processes should
serve your people – not the other way around.

Our Story

We create Business Process Management Software that lets your people do their best work. We believe that, from the production line to the executive board, everyone in your organization essentially wants the same thing: Flow. Everything we do at Symbioworld is in the service of creating Flow and allowing for a new kind of business processes: Of the people. By the people. For the people. Flow is not an end in itself. It fosters a healthier process culture – with better transparency, lower churn, and much more engagement. It makes us proud and motivated to have the highest process adoption rate throughout the BPM space.



Symbio AI speeds up routine tasks by 60%. These include: converting natural text into processes, generating documents and descriptions, and pinpointing inconsistencies.



People already brought in Flow by Symbio – worldwide.



Symbio has the highest process adoption rate in the BPM space. The result: an organization that is up to 45% more compliant. Because what good is a process if nobody follows it?

Meet the

Our leaders work tirelessly to create Flow
within both our organization and yours.

Oliver Zeller


Elmar Kubatta


Steffen Ploetz

Managing Director

Torsten Michely

VP Sales

How we work

Innovation over hierarchy

As major innovators in the BPM space for over a decade, we continue to lead the way with Symbio AI: The first-to-market LLM integration in the space. Great ideas flow here.

People over processes

We’re built on the belief that processes should serve the people, not the other way around. Same is true for the company: nimble teams with good hearts and beautiful minds drive success.

Relationships over just profits

We want to create long-lasting relationships with our customers, prioritizing their needs over maximizing short-term-gains. We want to flow together for years to come.

Flow over finality

Our clients’ needs are ever changing so we strive to always change with them too. Our process and culture is built around a tireless need to stay ahead of the curve and continue to flow.

Our Clients

By prioritizing strong, lasting relationships with our clients, we are able to constantly learn and grow.

What makes
Symbio a great
place to work

Interested in becoming a pro in Flow?
Learn more about what Symbio has to offer.

Do work that matters

Our work has a direct impact on the success of every one of our clients – many of whom work in intriguing, critical fields.

Learn from the best

Industry-leading expertise in people-centric BPM software.

Come as you are

Join our open and diverse work culture with an international team.

Get things done

Symbio loves velocity, improving product constantly on all fronts, for and with clients. Solid business with start-up mentality.

Work with good people

Despite our hybrid B2B environment, we nurture a close personal culture filled with good-hearted individuals and beautiful minds.

Become future-proof

We are working with the highest of tech in the BPM and AI space, so you can be sure to stay at the cutting edge of what’s happening.

Join us

Are you ready to be part of our team? Explore all our open positions and discover opportunities to grow and flow with us.

Our upcoming events

Tech Meets Art

For years, we’ve taken pride in supporting the «Tech Meets Art» initiative, providing emerging artists with financial backing and a global platform through live stream events and other means. In 2023, we continue our support by directly assisting individuals and contributing to associations and nonprofits, ensuring an uninterrupted Flow of the arts.

Flow [fləʊ]


verb to go from one place to another in a steady stream;


verb to be produced continuously and without effort;


noun the mental state in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energy and enjoyment in the process.