Symbio brings your entire organization in Flow.

We are Symbio. The first AI-driven Business Process Management
Software that lets your people do their best work.

This is your best work

At Symbio it is our mission to empower your entire team and create a healthy process culture.



Symbio AI speeds up routine tasks by 60%. These include: modeling processes from natural text, generating documents and descriptions, and pinpointing inconsistencies.



People already brought in Flow by Symbio – worldwide.



Symbio has the highest process adoption rate in the BPM space. The result: an organization that is up to 45% more compliant. Because what good is a process if nobody follows it?

Our Clients

By prioritizing strong, lasting relationships with our clients, we are able to constantly learn and grow.

And the modern workplace is
full of friction.

The problem

The modern professional is often a silo of one. Without any relevant connection to their colleagues and the company as a whole, they fulfill isolated tasks instead of understanding the context of their work.

Symbio creates Flow

Our Process Navigator with its personalized AI Copilot makes global knowledge accessible to all users at any time – resulting in collaboration and Flow between employees, partners and clients.

Each individual in Flow brings the team in Flow.
Being in constant exchange results in higher overall performance and a collective sense of purpose.

Flow empowers your team

Successful change depends on visibility across every individual and role. With Symbio, you can monitor processes in real-time, distribute essential information and receive feedback throughout all teams. Effortlessly.

Our Clients

Global players brought
in Flow

DB Netze

How DB Netze found their Flow with Symbio.


Clear workflows and clear skies for SATAIR A/S.

We follow these

We have built Symbio for a new kind of
process landscape: Of the people. By the
people. For the people.

Data Security

All our work resides in the Cloud, enabling seamless participation from everyone.

Empowerment & Respect

We welcome employee collaboration and feedback on processes, as they are the ones with firsthand experience.

Innovation with Purpose

Our personalized AI serves individuals by enhancing their capabilities and simplifying their work.


The modern workplace relies on transparency. That is why information needs to be accessible to all involved.

Where do we
add value?

Discover how Symbio can revolutionize your
business processes and level up your

Process excellence

Symbio AI automates routine tasks, accelerating them by as much as 60%. What will you do with all the time you’ve saved?

Risk & compliance

On average we make organizations 45% more compliant, meaning your processes flow even as your company grows.

Digital transformation

Automate your application lifecycle and establish a business navigation system for better overview and control in your project.

Customer journey

Create new customer experiences: with the process-oriented customer journey map in Symbio.

Enterprise architecture management

Strategically manage and optimize your enterprise architecture, ensuring clear business goals and efficient resource planning.

ERP transformation

Streamlined Enterprise Resource Planning ensures smoother transitions and maximized benefits.

Integrated management system

Symbio provides a unified platform for efficient management across quality, environment, health, safety, and more.

Quality management

Ensure consistent quality standards, by reducing errors, and improving customer satisfaction.

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More than one

Gain a deeper understanding of what drives us and what sets us apart.

Is your company marching to the beat of efficiency?

In a Michelin Star Chef’s kitchen every person from the dishwasher to the Chef de Cuisine all work toward the team’s singular vision of delivering perfection. How do they make that happen? The proof is in the process.

ARIS: from experts, for

Who said change had to be a challenge?
Dive into our comparison of ARIS vs. Symbio and see how you can empower your business processes without the fuss.

Human capital, just another cog in the wheel of success?

The most important thing for any organization? Hiring the right people. But just as important is making sure these people can work well together. That’s where Symbio can help.

Mining and modeling
in one

Webinar – Process Excellence | Dec 19, 2023 | 10am ET/4pm CET

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Process optimization redefined: Celonis’ acquisition of Symbio is a major step in providing organizations with more comprehensive process intelligence.

Join our webinar to learn how you can enhance your digital twin to capture the entire organization with its process and system landscape, customer touchpoints and all associated contextual information in addition to your end-to-end processes. Model target processes with the help of AI and simply roll out process changes to all employees.

See how process and system transformations are thought through to the end! And in closing, we look forward to your questions during the Q&A.

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Flow [fləʊ]


verb to go from one place to another in a steady stream;


verb to be produced continuously and without effort;


noun the mental state in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energy and enjoyment in the process.