Clear workflows and clear skies for SATAIR A/S.

A Flight Plan for Success

Significant process integration

With over 1,000 integrated processes, Symbio has transformed the company’s operations, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

User-friendly interface and process discovery

Customization simplifies process discovery, delivering an enhanced user experience for all of our 1,400 employees.

Quality assurance & knowledge consolidation

Symbio ensures consistency and knowledge consolidation, supporting our significant sales of over $2 billion.

How SATAIR got ready for take off

In 1957 an industrious group of aviation specialists from Copenhagen started a company to trade surplus parts from airplanes. Fast forward to today and SATAIR A/S, now in Kastrup, Denmark, is one of the world’s leading suppliers in spare aircraft and helicopter parts, with over two billion U.S. dollars in sales, approximately 1,400 employees, and ten branches across the globe. If you’ve flown on a plane in the last 70 years, you will most certainly have been around a part that SATAIR A/S has sourced.

Their business reached new heights in 2011 when Airbus acquired SATAIR A/S, making it an integral part of the Airbus Group. As a massive global operation, supplying all of the major aircraft manufacturers with components, parts, and services, SATAIR A/S needed every technological advantage to keep their business processes running efficiently. Since 2016 the Symbio business process management (BPM) system has been empowering SATAIR A/S to stay at cruising altitude.

Today, all employees have access to Symbio through a uniform, browser-based interface that provides them with information about their specific workflow. As a company with a high level of technical, specialized knowledge (with different manufacturers, standards, and policies) keeping these protocols and processes organized is of the utmost importance.

Every employee also has access to the «Functional Map», which divides the company into different areas such as: Manage Company, Develop and Source, Sell, Fulfill, and Enable. Users can navigate to the relevant processes within each of these areas. We’ve designed Symbio to make the information they need straightforward to access and easy to find. Employees simply search for their role as a «Warehouse Employee» and automatically find the associated processes, such as the «Inbound Shipment» workflow, and off they go.

With Symbio, employees as well as process architects can log in and select processes within our interactive web interface, accessing all linked information directly. Around 1,000 processes have already been integrated into Symbio, thanks to the direct involvement of process owners. To meet SATAIR's specific requirements, Symbio has been customized with advanced configuration, offering additional attributes for storing annotations and additional process information.

Additionally, a six-eyes principle now applies to quality management: when an author releases a process, it is automatically transferred to a group of quality managers, ensuring consistency and proper publication. We’ve designed the system to give the process architects at SATAIR more flexibility, providing comprehensive functionality without needing to rely on Symbioworld for customization.



Integrated processes, enhancing SATAIR’s productivity and efficiency.


bn $

In sales in this worldwide Symbio-powered enterprise.



SATAIR employees benefiting from Symbio’s customized solutions.

On the horizon: An efficient future

SATAIR can now focus on other tasks, such as stabilizing all processes to achieve a certain level of maturity. SATAIR is currently implementing Symbio, a service that automatically checks all processes before publication, ensuring that missing information is added or the processes are published promptly. The goal is to create a highly efficient platform based on Symbio that encompasses all processes, systems, documents, and internal learning resources, consolidating the company’s knowledge.

This platform will support employees in their daily work, foster collaboration, and facilitate knowledge sharing. The result will be a fully integrated, digital workplace that provides employees with timely access to all content and information they need, in the right place and at the right time. Together we’ll continue to flow with SATAIR A/S, and hope that you can discover how to flow with us too.

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