Using BPM successfully

Take a look at the various training courses that our experienced consultants will be happy to conduct in your company.


Ploetz + Zeller offers BPM and Symbio trainings as a basis to ensure the successful use of Symbio for all users and to successfully implement BPM in the company.

Essentially, the training courses convey the best possible application in order to ideally illustrate your company’s goals, to establish comprehensible processes and to use uniform, clear terms throughout the company.

Training program

Our training program features five basic training modules and three advanced training modules. The basic modules provide a solid basic knowledge. The advanced training modules require the basic knowledge and focus on methodological content.

Module 1

BPM Basics

Module 2

Manage process and organizational architectures

Module 3

BPM Workshops

Module 4

Define and optimize
the process

Module 5

Review processes
on the web

Module 6

BPM Experts-How to lead BPM to success

Module 7

Process oriented SAP implementation

Module 8

BPM with Share point

Training Module 1

BPM fundamentals

This basic course provides fundamental knowledge and grounding on the basic tools of process management. The course participants learn about fundamental concepts and important terminology for the handling of processes in companies. Starting point is the comparison of the organizational structure and workflow or process management. The course explains the meaning of process-oriented thinking and how a professional management of business processes contributes to customer satisfaction and, consequently, to the sustainable success of the company.

Training Module 2

Manage process- and organizational architectures – Working with the Symbio

This training module provides a more detailed explanation of the structure and management of process architecture and organizational architecture. Issues include: “How do I get management, core and support processes?”, “How do I get end-to-end (E2E) scenarios?”, “How do I establish a process house?”, “How do I set up the organizational structure?”
These and other questions will be answered using Symbio. Another topic is database management: Glossary structure, maintaining glossary items and their links.

Training Module 3

How to run BPM workshops

In this training module, you will learn a proven method how to achieve reliable process flows that are not “modeled without relevance to reality”, but rely on practical experience for practical applications. Process experts, specialists and process owners come together to create solid processes “from scratch”. This approach significantly increases the acceptance of all parties and responsible persons. You will learn how to skillfully direct the course of the workshop in the desired direction and how to capture relevant information in order to create a precise and realistic process flow.

Training Module 4

Define and optimize processes – Working with the Symbio Modeling Client

The main topic of this training module is learning the method of modeling processes. The course addresses the issues of how to establish a process flow, add details, how to identify potential improvements and how to optimize process flows.
Process modeling and optimization is learned with the aid of Symbio Modeling Client. This promotes the simple and easy-to-learn capturing of processes. The key advantage: Symbio Modeling Client is based on Microsoft Excel. The modeling of processes is done in tabular form and will become familiar to the user very quickly. Thanks to the unique characteristics of Symbio, the corresponding process graphics are generated automatically at the touch of a button.
In general, the tool is quite intuitive to operate. This training course conveys knowledge for confident and rapid modeling and optimizing of complex processes.

Training Module 5

Understand and evaluate processes – Working with Symbio Publishing

Two complementary tools are available for the publication of your company’s process architecture: Web Publishing and process manuals.
Web Publishing is mainly about efficiency and information gathering. But Symbio Web Publishing offers one special feature: The parallel presentation of navigation, graphics and details enables the consistent delivery of a contextual display of information so you never lose the overview. This training module focuses on answering the following questions: How do I work with the software? How do I find the information I need? How can I learn? The learning success is supported by the ability to embed eLearnings directly into Web Publishing content.
You will also learn how to create process manuals and use them effectively.