Symbio, the most efficient solution

Sharing sound knowledge – using Symbio directly – professionally evaluating results

Symbio Lösungen

Successful process management depends on communication between the departments and process experts. Symbio is the first BPM tool that enables this kind of communication. Symbio automatically connects all employees in your company: those who are involved in the processes, those who manage the processes.

Symbio’s user-friendliness is the key to success. But Symbio can do more. Because it promises all stakeholders a clear, very specific benefit: a system that will optimally align your company for the future.

Benefit for the company


Increase customer satisfaction


Identify your quality gaps and identify potential for improvement through continuous process optimization. Evaluate the processes professionally and then make strategic decisions that benefit your product and service quality and increase customer satisfaction.

Embedding sustainability


Symbio contributes to the sustainability of the organization and its projects. The simplicity of the tool ensures that employees continuously work with the tool and contents are properly maintained. The ever-growing knowledge portal can be combined with other tools and allows the various functional departments to get comprehensive and structured answers.

Conserve resources and save costs


Even after a longer break, employees can immediately resume work with the tool and continue projects based on existing knowledge. Only a very short two-hour training session is required to start using the tool. Symbio does not interrupt the day-to-day business, and it is not necessary to start an IT project to introduce Symbio.

Enjoy competitive advantages


Get fast ISO 9001 certification through the use of Symbio as a quality management system. The certification ensures a consistent level of quality and compliance conformity. As a result, a basis of trust is created, for customers and suppliers, and your market reputation will soar.

Gathering and sharing knowledge


The ever-growing knowledge portal contains the combined expertise of all your employees and continues to expand. The transparent structure and easy navigation in different views allow employees to access specific data required for successful work.

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Benefit for the Management


Use Symbio immediately


Whether in an internal or external project, Symbio can be deployed ad hoc at any time and deliver valuable results quickly. Because the tool can be easily integrated into any IT landscape, is quick to learn and does not require an IT project to implement, it can be deployed overnight.

Low investment


Take advantage of our attractive and flexible licensing model. Symbio is available as volume license (corporate, divisional and departmental license) and as single license. Only a very short two-hour training session is required and your employees are ready to start using the tool. Control your time, your schedule and your costs with Symbio.

Motivated employees


The engagement of all employees in business process management plus the feeling that everybody is on board and participates in BPM issues provides a great motivational boost. The tool´s familiar user interface, its ease of use and the fact that employees are hardly distracted from their day-to-day work are also contributing factors.

Various scenarios for deployment


Take advantage of the versatility of Symbio and use this tool for your desired application. The choice is yours: SAP implementation projects, risk management projects, quality management projects, post-merger integration or eLearning projects.

Evaluate and assess results


Use Symbio to professionally analyze your results and make strategic decisions. By linking the data, you leave no stone unturned in your organization and hidden potentials for improvement are identified. Enhance your results with graphical displays.

Benefit for the employees


Short training times


Only a very short training session of two hours is required and your employees are ready to deliver valuable results. Symbio offers a familiar user interface and hardly distracts from the day-to-day work. In the web-based version all user have one and the same user interface. The tool´s ease of use allows you to resume work even after a half year break.

 Process optimization 7/24


While traveling on a train or boat or operating a mobile device: Modeling with Symbio Modeling Client is possible anywhere, allowing flexible and mobile working.

Symbio Nutzen Mitarbeiter

Access to knowledge platform


View all business processes and related data in Symbio Web. Do you want to retrieve a particular system or a particular role model? No problem: Symbio Web contains all the data that you require for a successful job. Changes and new developments are shown transparently and you can clearly see the direction in which your company is moving.

No more process painting


Annoying manual sketching of process symbols is a thing of the past. Automatically create your process graphics either tabellaric or graphically in different views. Changes and enhancements to a process can be generated as often as required and are fully automated.

Part of the big picture


Come on board and become a Symbio crew member. Participate in the management of business processes and start making valuable contributions. See the impact of changes on your department or examine a training module in the portal. Symbio gets everybody on board to actively participate in BPM.