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Process and enterprise data capturing

The management of process information or company data (process and IT data, etc.) is very flexible so as to include as many users as possible. You can create processes graphically or in tabular form under different categories (e. g. core processes) and nest them as deep as you like. The graphical editor can be used to create maps or other views according to your needs. The respective responsibilities, additional descriptions, etc. complete the process flows.
The management of organizational data such as roles, inputs, key figures, etc. is managed in Symbio’s central repository. This ensures that your process metrics are reliable and do not contain any redundancies. You can also upload documents and link them to organizational data (such as roles).

Web-based business process design

Symbio’s web-based process design is very simple and can be highly automated if desired. The graphic design is in combination with a tabular input and follows the goal of not “painting” processes.

Symbio webbasiertes Geschaeftsprozessdesign
Symbio Integration Funktion

Greatest possible flexibility

Symbio is deliberately kept very open to make the exchange of process-relevant information from third-party systems as easy as possible. A fast, uncomplicated connection to different systems such as SAP® or Microsoft® enables the problem-free integration of relevant data into Symbio.

Publishing, evaluation and collaboration

The Symbio Portal is the central point of contact for all employees and contains all process information and the corresponding documents and media. The presentation of the process contents is user- or role-specific. This means that processes and all associated organizational data can be viewed and evaluated as required by means of various graphical models, documents, process details, an extended search, etc.

A classic process manual is created automatically at the touch of a button. Through numerous collaborative functions such as feedback, subscriptions, favorites and comments, users can continuously exchange information about individual processes, process steps, etc. The goal of continuous process optimization can be achieved very quickly by actively controlling and managing processes.

Symbio home screen individualisiert

Integrated, digital document management and task control

Symbio allows you to combine the benefits of a traditional document management system (DMS) with a professional Business Process Management (BPM) tool. Your employees will find a lot of important information for workflows in documents. In Symbio, you link your processes with the corresponding documents and use the following advantages:

Your employees can access the documents that are currently valid, such as process descriptions, instructions, guidelines, legal texts, etc.

You are always up to date with the latest developments

Your documents can be uploaded easily with an upload function>

Role-specific contents

User-specific views, which can be called up via an advanced search, for example, provide a precise representation of company content for the respective user and thus create a high level of user-friendliness and acceptance. The BPM system is used in database systems such as e. g. SQL and is compatible with all common browsers and therefore also with portable devices.

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