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The focus is not on the modeling process itself – it is only a means to an end, but rather on the content and its relationship to each other. The goal is networking among themselves. By creating a process-oriented company, optimization potentials can be recognized and used immediately.

Symbio is used to manage and adapt processes in a database supported and interconnected manner. Every key user in a department can access the processes at any time via the central process portal – changes are automatically adopted for all other processes.

Symbio covers the complete BPM lifecycle​

Symbio BPM Lifecycle Grafik

Symbio Users

Symbio turns BPM into a collective experience. Through the database-supported administration and adaptation of processes  employees from the specialist departments have the possibility to design, manage, view and optimize processes at any time.

Areas of application

Symbio can be used for a variety of external and internal projects, be it for an SAP® implementation, a post merger project or for tailoring PLM processes, etc.



Thanks to its flexibility, Symbio can be used across all industries. See which special industry solutions are available.

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