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Symbio Branchen

Consumer goods, production, energy, public services, finance, etc. – Symbio can be used across all industries and can be used ad hoc. No matter which parameters you use or from which perspective you want to illuminate your business processes.

Since Symbio can be easily integrated into all existing IT environments and MS Sharepoint can be used, it does not matter whether ten or ten thousand employees are involved in process management. Symbio can therefore be used in any industry. Symbio enables you to use additional modules and other existing systems without any complications – we would be happy to develop a specific solution together with you.

Symbio Branche- Energieversorgung
Power companies


The energy and water management sector is also facing the challenge from the regulatory and anti-trust authorities to exploit all potential for optimisation in the future by implementing business process management. With the starter kit “Process Management” Symbio offers you all important basics for the successful introduction of process management in your company.

Symbio Branche-Nahrungsmittel
Food and beverage industry


The food and beverage industry is characterized by two special features. Not only does this industry follow the highest standards of impeccable hygiene and quality assurance, it also serves the toughest customers ever: the end consumer.

Symbio Branche-Chemische Industrie
Chemical industry


The chemical industry is one of the most important branches of economy in Germany; it is also one of the sectors which had to battle with the most stringent regulations, and the highest level of cost pressures and changes in recent years.

Symbio Branche-Gesundheitswesen
Health care system


The future economic situation in the German health care system is characterized by its significant demographic challenges, intensifying competition, profound legislative changes and increasing customer demands. The performance metrics of cost, quality, speed and service have become increasingly important and apply across the board to all industry stakeholders.

Symbio Branche-Informationstechnologie
Information technology


Using the MASTERS toolbox for ITSM ensures a much easier implementation of ITIL® processes. The toolbox is the result of the combined efforts and the long-standing experience of our ITIL® consultants. For the first time ever, ITIL® know-how is provided in the form of reusable templates.

Industry solutions


We offer suitable BPM solutions for a variety of industries. We would be happy to provide you with further information.