Symbio – the simple
and efficient BPM Suite

Symbio is an intuitive, 100% web-based solution
for intelligent business optimization and control.


Do you know if your business processes are efficient?


Is your organization agile?


Are important resources available at the right time?


Does your corporate strategy match the process flows?

The answers to these questions determine the success of your company. With Symbio, we offer you an integrated management system with which you can quickly and easily capture, analyze and improve your entire business processes.


Profit from transparent and agile business processes.

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Symbio – the modern BPM system


With Symbio, you can build up a networked management system that creates the necessary transparency and is permanently anchored in the entire organization! Benefit from a single management system for the many different process management challenges such as:

Process optimization in a team based on standards such as BPMN 2.0, etc.

Identify risks in processes and counteract them at an early stage

Ensure compliance

Efficient task and organizational management

Successfully achieving ISO certifications


Functions at a glance

Process and enterprise
data acquisition in
a single system
Automated process design and analysis
User-specific generation of views and content
Role-specific publishing of process contents
Multi-stage release workflow for process content
Task and document control
Variant Management
Reports and dashboards for evaluations
Automated creation of manuals
Views and Views
Organizational management
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Your benefit

Symbio benefit

One BPM Suite - Maximum possibilities

With Symbio, you can use a BPM Suite that combines all the possibilities in a single tool. Model, analyze, optimize, automate and publish via an application.

Increase process quality

Unnecessary process loops, bottlenecks and intransparent processes are a thing of the past. Symbio enables you to quickly identify critical processes, bottlenecks, missing resources or unnecessary process steps. This is the basis for continuous process improvement. With Symbio, you can increase the quality of your processes and simultaneously conserve your resources.

Creating transparency

Symbio gives you a quick and clear view of your business processes. You can only optimize what you know. Symbio gives you the necessary process transparency that is the basis for your optimization. This enables you to react quickly to changing market requirements, business models and customer wishes.

Working in a team

Companies can only be successful if all employees contribute their knowledge. Symbio’s simplicity and ease of use combined with a modern and comprehensive technology ultimately enables the professional management of your processes. With Symbio, you enable collaborative process design in a team.

Building and sharing knowledge

Symbio’s constantly growing knowledge and management portal contains the concentrated competence of your employees. The transparent structure and the simple, intuitive user interface with different views allow your employees to access the information they need for successful work quickly and ergonomically at any time.

Direct and easy to use

Thanks to modern web technology, you can start Symbio directly from your browser and get started with process optimization. Lay the foundation for efficient business processes and make your decisions on the basis of well-founded processes.


Symbio provides you with a fundamental basis for your internal and external projects such as SAP® implementations, post-merger integration, process documentation, ISO certifications or risk and compliance management requirements.

Easy integration

You want to integrate Symbio into your existing IT landscape without much effort? No problem – in 100% of cases Symbio fits into any company and any existing IT infrastructure. Symbio can be integrated into your own IT landscape within a short period of time, e. g. company-owned SAP® portals and Microsoft SharePoint®.


Collaborative Business Process Design
Collaborative Business
Process Design
Quality Management
Quality Management
Symbio Enterprise Architecture Managment
Enterprise Architecture Management
Symbio Risikomanagement
Compliance & Risikomanagement

Industry solutions


Thanks to its flexibility, Symbio can be used across all industries. See which special industry solutions are available.