Risk and Compliance

Business process-driven risk management: How your company proactively meets all requirements with risk and compliance.


  • Process oriented risk management  Symbio ensures that every object has at least one clear responsible person. In the process, it can thus be ensured that any risks that arise are mitigated.
  • Work in compliance Proactive Symbio-Apps and workflows support compliant behaviour among your employees. Every employee is continuously engaged with company rules.
  • Risk-Control-Self-Assessment For an internal assessment, the corresponding assessment projects can be created in Symbio. Controls are assigned, performed and verified.
  • Risks in the Company Map Combining regulatory requirements with risks opens up a new view of risks. The entire Company Map illustrates the company risks as a heat map.

Manage and mitigate risk and ensure compliance

Companies in all industries are obliged to comply with legal regulations. One of the most important tasks for risk managers is therefore to quickly identify potential risks in company-wide processes and to take appropriate measures.

Symbio offers an integrated approach to risk and compliance management in order to comply with external regulations and internal guidelines. You can build up a secure internal control system for the long term and monitor all requirements, guidelines and tasks.

Managing risks sustainably
Internal audits made easy
Behaviour in conformity with regulations guaranteed
Significant cost reduction
Constant optimisation