Quality Management System

Process-oriented quality management with Symbio: Establish quality standards in your company and maintain them in the long term.

  • Ensure compliance Symbio permanently guarantees all important requirements for quality management and compliance through automated workflows, versioning, releases and automated manual generation.
  • Standard-compliant document control Changes to objects in the software are directly traceable. You can view all changes in the version comparison. Clear role concepts regulate authorizations - even for external users.
  • QM-Documentation Symbio automatically delivers QM manuals for certifications. All your documents are in one central location and always up to date.
  • Clear responsibilities Defined responsibilities accelerate the processes and provide evidence of the actual working methods.

Permanently securing quality in the company

Today, companies are confronted with numerous legal requirements. Many companies have themselves certified for the evaluation of internal processes. Process and quality management are almost inseparably linked. BPM efficiently supports you in achieving and maintaining quality standards in the long term.

Symbio is an integrated QM-System which can do more than documentation: With process analysis and optimization, your company is optimally prepared for upcoming audits and ISO certifications such as ISO 9000:2015.

Automated QM-process routine
Ensure compliance
Continuous improvement
The integrated management system