Integrated Management System

Unite all management systems (quality, environment, information security, risk management, etc.) as well as the different company views (customer journey, goals, IT, etc.) in Symbio, so that all employees can find their way around more easily and make the right decisions.

  • Unify all managementsystem Automatically transfer all standards (DIN, EN, ISO, etc.) and specifications (GxP, FDA, Automotiv Spice, etc.) Link the standards/requirements with your company goals, projects, processes, specifications, etc.. The integrated management system then combines in Symbio the environmental (ISO 14001), quality management (ISO 9001), risk, information security (ISO 27001), compliance management system, etc.
  • Digitise documents Many management systems are characterised by a confusing flood of documents. A modern IMS uses small reusable knowledge elements to simplify maintenance, avoid contradictions and provide each employee with his relevant data in a targeted and process-oriented manner.
  • Automate IMS processes In the Integrated Management System of the future, the IMS processes in everyday business are automated and every single employee is involved. The processes for setting up, auditing, optimising and in everyday IMS business life are automated. See more about the Business Navigator.
  • Personalize to include all employees on a day-to-day basis In Symbio, all information objects can be provided with filter criteria. This enables a targeted as well as process-oriented provision (tailoring) of the specifications/guidelines/instructions to the individual employee. Even the mapping of decentralized and international locations can be united in one database - thus global IMS control becomes very simple.

Adhere to important standards and procedures in a structured manner

Symbio has understood how to direct and control all information objects (goals, processes, standards, specifications, roles, IT applications, etc.) of the modern integrated management system. This means that the knowledge is stored and networked by experts in one place.

This networking in the IMS offers completely new evaluation possibilities, ensures that all employees work in conformity with the system and accelerates the worldwide expansion of knowledge. The digital Integrated Management System becomes a Business Navigation System that navigates you and your employees through the daily business.

Collect, control and take responsibility for information distributed throughout the organisation
Managing and prioritising selective improvements in the organisation
Accelerate and secure IMS processes through workflows
Ensure that all employees work in compliance
Acting sustainable