Business IT transformation projects

ERP transformation with Symbio: Adapt the technology to your business objectives and automate the future now!

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  • Start with business content Start directly with the implementation of your projects including requirements, goals, process landscape with process library as well as E2E and business scenarios
  • Automated process modelling Adapting processes is child's play. Symbio combines requirements with the process and thus ensures a good overview - even with numerous requirements
  • Integrated DevOps tools Benefit from interfaces to SAP Solution Manager, Azure DevOps, JIRA and Celonis Process Mining, and use several project support tools
  • Evaluations and specifications Generate requirements and functional specifications based on business objectives: Better evaluation of requirements thanks to structured requirements definition

Transform your business

Maintaining current performance is no longer sufficient for most companies: Goals and requirements are becoming more and more complex: more automation, more orders with less resource consumption. Entrepreneurs wanted to be closer to the customer in order to react faster to requirements. We guarantee a holistic view of the company – with a heterogeneous IT landscape for a cross-departmental view of processes.

We offer future-oriented business solutions for a change initiative in your company. With Symbio as our engine, we shorten the life cycle of projects and automate from the idea to the implementation. Each defined requirement supports the necessary automation and optimization in the best possible way. Your company as a map shows you a holistic view of your company.

Sustainable project acceleration
Sustainable project acceleration
Shorter project phases
Automated IT Cataloging