Enterprise Architecture Management

Bringing business and IT in harmony: Create a digital twin of your organization where business and IT leaders have a common view of the current and target state.

  • The GPS for your company The integrated use of IT and business data in just one single tool results in a personal company map for your company
  • Automated modeling IT elements and details are defined in Symbio New elements are created automatically
  • Cooperative cooperation Benefit from a cooperative collaboration between all departments by connecting business and IT
  • Reporting Easily evaluate interrelationships and risks and, if necessary, adjust the project strategy of your company

Orchestrate projects to close identified gaps

Accurate and reliable data is essential to make informed decisions. All those involved in the company should have access to information relevant to their work at all times. Enterprise Architecture Management reliably connects business and IT. This improves communication and drives continuous improvement in your company. Successful EAM means a joint approach to realize the strategic goals of a company and its information technology.

A visualization of the interrelations via process models facilitates the mutual understanding of both areas. EAM supports the respective departments in understanding the specific effects of IT on their processes, and the IT department in orienting itself towards the development of the company.

Improve strategic planning
Promote company-wide collaboration
Eliminate silo-based projects - more solution thinking
Control complex IT landscapes