Customer Journey Map

Create new customer experiences: with the process-oriented customer journey map in Symbio.

  • Persona and stakeholder profiles Define detailed Buyer Personas. Symbio offers you numerous typifications such as age, gender, needs and interests. With the Symbio Persona profile, your target group is defined multidimensionally
  • Automated generation of Customer Journeys Your once developed Journey is not static, but can be generated in different views. With Symbio the journey of your customers is automatically modelled and generated
  • Connect within all corporate divisions Your Customer Journey is embedded in the business context and influences all business objectives. With Symbio you can efficiently link strategy, organization, processes, applications and project initiatives.
  • Reporting Identify risks and opportunities in your journeys and reduce or improve them within the reporting functionality. Involve not only the customer, but also relevant stakeholders, sales channels and goals.

Design the customer journey with Symbio

Customer satisfaction is one of your central corporate goals. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs are faced with the question: What does my customer want?  To understand your customer, you need to know them and develop a sense of their needs. Only then can you convey your message in a way that arouses your customer’s curiosity and makes their customer experience unique.

With Symbio, you create interest in your offer among your potential customers through optimal customer experience. Design and optimize touchpoints and consolidate long-term customer loyalty from the first contact to the purchase and beyond.

Understand the customer
Create experiences in the customer journey
Connect touchpoints with the IT landscape
Connect Journey with project initiatives