BPM Software Migration

Replace inefficient old systems simply with Symbio. We handle the migration for you.

Easy migration to Symbio

Does your current system cause too many operating costs and is not accepted by the users? Furthermore, is the data maintenance inefficient?

With our experience from various migration projects, we can easily transfer your process data to Symbio using the entire method – in just a few weeks!

  • Why join Symbio?
  • High User Acceptance
  • Intuitive Start
  • Efficient Data Administration
  • Guided Migration

ARIS Migration

With our proven method we transfer your ARIS process data with all models, relations and objects to Symbio.

Your complete ARIS method can be easily and quickly migrated to Symbio through our comprehensive interface.

Of course, a first analysis is possible through a proof of concept.

From ARIS to Symbio: a smooth transition and a fast realization of the migration!


Migration BPMN Process Models

Your BPMN process models can be easily migrated to Symbio via our BPMN interface.

Of course, all descriptions and relationships in processes are still preserved after the migration.

After the project is completed, you can use the full range of Symbio solutions such as Customer Journeys or Business Intelligence and connect your existing process models with other Symbio facets.


Microsoft Visio Importer

With the Visio Importer you can independently transfer your Visio vsdx processes with a few clicks web-based to Symbio – without any project!

You can convert your Visio process objects to Symbio BPMN objects via a mapping.

Your advantage when changing from Visio to Symbio: In the future you avoid individual processes in Visio without a database, which allows a comprehensive administration.

Symbio Visio Importer