Your Journey with Symbio

How could your journey with Symbio look like? Find out!

  • Looking for Information

    I would like to gather some information first

    I’m looking for a BPM tool. A new application is to be established in my department. The background may be a pending ISO certification. The main goal during the implementation is the optimization of our existing processes. I wonder if there are free trials available for tools. The best thing to do is to first find out about Business Process Management in general and map down my expectations”.


    We are happy about your interest! We would like to support you in getting to know our software Symbio even better: set up an initial appointment with us, find out about our solutions for effective Business Process Management, or give us a call!

  • Learn more

    I'd like to dig deeper in Symbio

    Before I read more technical data about the tool, I would like to see the interface first. After all, my colleagues and I will have to work with it later. What does the surface look like? How do I find my way around best?”


    Surely you are interested in the heart and soul of Symbio: What does the surface look like? Gain impressions with our tutorials and learn already now the first steps and functions in Symbio. How do I find my way around? What are the different views? How do I create a process. Our Quick Guide will support you in this.

  • Make an appointment

    I'd like to meet Symbio in person

    “Now I would like to convince myself of the service of the company and just give them a call. After all, good accessibility is important in case we have questions about the product in between.”


    We look forward to your inquiry and to handle your request. Make an appointment with us today for a personal meeting or a presentation!

  • Testing

    I want to try out Symbio myself

    “There are a few days ahead until Symbio is presented to us by the Symbio team. I would like to test the tool for free until the meeting and see at a glance if the software meets our predefined requirements.

    Request your personal 30-day trial access. Familiarize yourself with the functions and services of Symbio. Our consultants are always available to answer your questions.

  • Evaluation

    For my decision I need all information at a glance.

    “I have seen all of Symbio I need for now. However, I still lack important technical data to convince my boss. The tool must simply meet certain requirements. We use other applications that should interface with Symbio.”

    Our Symbio team knows that every company is individual and has different requirements for its BPMS. Our catalog of requirements provides you with a good overview. If you miss a functionality, please let us know.

  • Demo Session with a Symbio Consultant

    We want to experience and ask questions as a team

    “Finally, I’d like to join my colleagues and my boss for a live performance of Symbio. So it would be best if an Symbioworld consultant would present the software to us. We also have some questions about functionalities that we would like to clarify at the same time.

    Would you like to experience Symbio live? Make an appointment for a demo and get an even more detailed insight into the tool. Learn more about the possibilities that arise for your company through the use of Symbio. We look forward to a presentation with you!

  • Decision

    The organization chooses Symbio

    “My company has decided to work with Symbio. This is an important step for us and we want to be sure that we are making the right decision. Right from the start, good support from efficient consultants as well as transparency is crucial for us”.

    We are very happy to have you as a customer! At this point, your personal consultant will contact you and define the terms of the contract with you. Soon nothing will stand in the way of active use of Symbio! To get you started, you will find numerous resources here that could already be important for you.

  • A perfect start

    Preparing and starting with Symbio

    “We have chosen Symbio. However, we still have a great deal of work to do. We’re unsure of the best way to get started with Symbio. This should be coordinated with our goals. We expect support from the Symbio team and our consultant.” 

    What is the best way to start with Symbio? There are numerous training opportunities available for this question. Benefit from the expertise of our BPM trainings and use our basic training courses to create the best conditions for you and your employees to work with Symbio. In addition, you will find numerous detailed documents in the download area on our website to support you.

  • Become a super user

    I want to use even more features in Symbio

    “Gradually, we are becoming well acquainted with the entry-level functions. Now we would like to slowly go deeper into Symbio so that we can get the best out of Symbio for our company. We also want to expand certain areas such as customer experience management.”

    Is Symbio already integrated in your company? Let our experts help you to achieve your mid-term goals with Symbio. Benefit from our advanced training courses on topics such as BPM methodology competence, variant management, process maps or customer journeys.

  • Create a super user team

    I want to get my colleagues on board

    “The closest colleagues and I can already use Symbio efficiently. However, we now want to integrate other departments. It would be beneficial for our business processes if we used Symbio across departments. That’s why I want to empower more employees.”

    Our consultants offer coaching in addition to the basic and advanced trainings. Accompany super users and empower your colleagues. With the additional skills, all employees in the company can utilize the full potential of Symbio.

  • Time for the future

    We want to co-create innovations with Symbio

    “My company has become a part the Symbioworld – and Symbio a part of our company. We have integrated it well into our company. Now we would like to work on innovations together with Symbioworld. What kind of opportunities are we offered?”

    Symbio has become a part of your company – and you a part of our company. Benefit from a long-term relationship with us and let us shape innovations together! Just talk to your consultant and let’s create innovations together.

  • I want to create innovations for my customers

    Extended partnership with Symbio

    “I’ve enjoyed working with Symbio for years and have some ideas for joint projects. I wonder if I can get the Symbio team on board?”

    Our company is always on the lookout for new innovations and projects, which we prefer to realize with customers and partners. Together with you, we will expand our platform with new interfaces, more users and joint projects!