Release Note October 2021

Central info mail service

With the central info service, the user now manages himself when he wants to be informed about news in Symbio. He defines the time interval (daily or weekly) of the incoming mail, in which all pending tasks or changes are clearly listed.

Currently, the central mail service is available for the Training Assistant as well as for the Favorites service. For example, information is provided about training sessions to be completed or about incoming favorites sharing.

The characteristic design and the uniform layout of the mails are unmistakable, regardless of the end device used. The user recognizes the reference to Symbio at a glance and can manage the incoming messages easily and intuitively.

This mail service will also be used by other services in Symbio in the future.

Favorite Manager

The Favorites and Subscription functions are combined in the new Favorites Manager and are available across all databases and apps.

As before, the user can favorite the desired process or object via the star symbol in the toolbar and call it up in the header. The integrated central mail service proactively informs the user when a new version is available for one of his favorite elements.

The defined favorites are clearly displayed and can be grouped, managed and deleted easily and intuitively. Good to know: already existing subscriptions are converted into favorites.

Favorite Manager

For managers, the sharing function is the optimal control tool for communicating legal requirements and guidelines to their employees in a targeted manner. Relevant processes or documents are defined as favorites and shared. This also ensures compliance with the legally required verification obligation. The sharing function is also available to employees.

Training Assistant: Reporting and Training Maintenance

The Training Assistant has been optimized and extended by two functionalities.

The individual tasks of a process are clearly listed one below the other. Linked roles are displayed according to the applied RACIS method. Clicking on the blue info icon of the process opens a window in which the reason for the revision is displayed. This allows the user to see at a glance why which changes were made.

The report provides managers and administrators with an overview of all available trainings per organizational manager at any time, as well as their respective status and any overdues.

In the Training Maintenance section, courses can be managed or deleted. Additional evaluation and filtering options are also available, for example, by due date.


  • Method: Opinion Attribute
    This feature is available only after activation by the admin.
    If the feature is activated, the “Statement” section appears in the detailed content of a standards chapter in the NORMS facet. A statement resulting from an audit report, for example, can be entered in the multi-line input field.
  • Method: Document assignment on process house and category level
    This feature is only available after activation by the admin.
    By activating this feature, it is possible to assign documents to the global process house or to a category. This linking is also visible in the Detail Content of the respective document under the section “Is required by”.
  • Method: Location assignment also possible to Main Processes, Scenarios and Documents
    This feature is only available after activation by the admin.
    For Main Processes, Scenarios and Documents, the “Locations” section in the Detail Content is also available after activating the feature.
  • Method: Assignment of processes to a document
    This feature is only available after activation by admin.
    Section “Connected processes” in the DC of documents => Reference to existing sub or main processes that are relevant for this document. Also visible in the DC of processes in the section “Additionally connected documents”, but not editable there.
  • List view: Additional column ‘Reason for revision’ for ‘News’ lists
    You have the possibility to place lists on the home site, which show ‘News’ about processes and documents, which means a list of the latest released processes and documents.
    The feature adds a new information next to the column ‘Type of Change’ to that lists: it shows additionally the attribute ‘Reason for revision’, which explains, why the new version of the item has been created. The attribute ‘Reason for revision’ is a multiline text attribute. It is shown as plain text without any formatting.
  • Admin: Add custom views for the table widget.
    The new customization allows a user to create a custom facet view table that can be integrated into information sheets. This way, they can display their own data in a customizable table.
  • Admin: Consolidation of advanced configurations
    This feature allows an administrator to consolidate advanced configurations. Currently it is possible to consolidate customizations of selection values.

Please note: Internet Explorer IE 11 is no longer supported, effective immediately. This follows Microsoft’s strategy of ending support for IE11 in all 365 apps and services in August 2020.

23792  ZD#3145, ZD#3153, ZD#3535Global search: stereotype filter: free text search does not show resultsThe stereotype filter drop down does not show all available stereotypes (only 15) and it is not possible to search by entering only a part of the name. In addition more stereotypes are displayed than are acutally used in this database.
21171ZD#3977Stereotypes: Task does not show the icon if stereotype is setShow stereotype symbol on tasks.
39480ZD#4361Process comparison shows no changes, dialogue window is doubled upIn the process comparison “changes” are not shown in dialogue window. Besides two dialogue windows are opened instead of one. 
40352ZD#4555, ZD#4506Scope Filter: Favorites flyout dialog does not open if Scope filter is set and hide empty filter is activeFavorite dialog cannot be shown if a scope filter is set with scope filter option “Hide empty filters”.
41117ZD#4630, ZD#4674, ZD#4693, ZD#4605Reporting: Missing Primary System in Report “Process Hierachy Extended”In the “Process Hierarchy Extended” Report the “Primary system” column is not filled in.
41673ZD#4627, ZD#4715Scope Filter: Diagram widget does not work with hide empty filters on categoriesDiagram widgets for categories on HOME site are not shown if “Hide empty fields” is activated in Scope filter.
19430ZD#2436, ZD#3434, ZD#4408Generated PDF does not contain specific Word drawings and missing text in heading (SyncFusion)If the checkmark is set in word documents that a pdf file is to be created upon release, words are subsequently missing from this pdf file, spaces are added and entire graphics disappear.