Release Notes May 2021

Training Assistant

Companies are increasingly confronted with a growing number of internal and external regulations and legal obligations that must be fulfilled.

At the same time, corporate activities must be aligned with the principle of continuous optimization of business processes and constant quality assurance. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide the information required for daily work in a simple and target group-oriented manner, whereby the knowledge transfer that has taken place should be legally secure and verifiable in accordance with the audit.

This is exactly where the Training Assistant app comes in: on different devices, managers and employees can individually view, plan and control upcoming trainings.

Training Assistant

Visio Importer

Build your Symbio process house based on your existing process world. The Visio Importer allows you to easily import your already created sub processes.

Existing files are uploaded via drag & drop. Afterwards the used elements are simply mapped. A registration is not necessary, you only have to enter your eMail address.

You can find out more about how the Visio importer works in the Symbio online documentation.

This feature is only available after activation by the admin.

In the graphical view “Detailed”, the user can see at a glance which process steps (tasks) or linked objects (e.g. inputs / outputs or documents) attachments have been stored in viewer mode by means of the displayed navigation symbol.

Navigation icons for attachments

Standard Reports

Standard reports are one of the core elements of reporting. Symbio provides predefined reports in a standardized design that are relevant for the daily work of managers and employees of all levels and business units. The reports can be extracted.

It is also possible to customize these standard reports to meet your individual needs.

For more information, please refer to the Symbio User Manual (Chapter 8 Analyst)).

Standard Report
Standard Report

Permissions directly on the process/object

This feature is only available after activation by the admin.

Access to processes or objects can now be controlled even more easily and specifically in Symbio. For example, permissions for members of a new project team can be stored individually on the respective element depending on the degree of involvement. At the same time, it is possible to deny other users access to confidential content.

In conjunction with the “Permissions for facets” feature, permissions can be defined for each facet. Thus, departments can now be authorized to create and maintain special repository objects (e.g. systems) that are used – but not edited – by authors during process modeling.

Admins find more about this in the Symbio online documentation.

Adding custom views for the table widget.

This feature is available only after activation by the admin.

The customization options of the Process and Scenario toolbar widget have been extended. Configurable table widgets allow custom views of process content as well as their relationships with linked attributes to be freely designed.

Admins find more information in the Symbio online documentation.


Consolidation of advanced configurations
This feature is only available after activation by the admin.

The consolidation feature already known from repository objects is now also available for custom configurations. For example, two identical custom dropdown values can be consolidated.

For more information, see the Symbio online documentation.

Short messages

  • List filters are configurable for admins
    This allows custom attributes to be added or removed from list views
  • SharePoint Connector for attaching files
    Allows standard or custom files from SharePoint to be linked directly as attachments in Symbio. Please contact your account manager to enable connectivity as there are customer specific requirements to consider.
  • SharThe report „Process Model Structure (extended)“ has been extended by the column „Root Path“. In Excel exports in particular, this serves to make it easier to see where the respective process is located in the hierarchy.
  • Bug Fixes
    ZD#2101 Extended Config: multiple selection drop-down values
    ZD#2981 Modelling: After shape deletion scroll position is being reset
    ZD #3185 Quick Search result shows all process versions but not the parent
    Translation Dialog: Only the highest version can be edited
    ZD#4048, ZD#4108 Additional author is not able to delete an interface in a sub process
    List Column settings are not saved
    ZD#4002 Categories/Domains for repository items can be deleted by an author
    ZD#3114 Feature: RACI still shows Supporting (S) in TableWidget and object in Detailed view
    ZD#4039 PermaLink: Link to selection (in version) does not point to right version
    ZD#2769 Release Workflow does not close other QM tasks if one QM already approved it
    ZD#4169 Extended Config: Sort Order without effect
    ZD#4258, ZD#4257 Review-Link does not work for viewers (again)
    ZD#4328 Release cycle customizing – Approver cannot be configured only for Scenario and other process models without
    ZD#3088, ZD#4301 Manuals: Links containing whitespace in title not functional in process description (document)
    ZD#2209 ZD#4399 Life-cycle: US date format always used