Release Notes Juli 2020

Subscriptions for document categories

For the facet “Documents” you can add categories to your subscriptions. You will be informed by mail when subordinate documents are released, as well as when new versions of objects are released. This function allows you to receive all changes within the category without having to subscribe to each element. You can find more about this feature in Symbio Documentation.

In addition, with the Processes facet in the list view, multiple items can be selected and added to subscriptions at the same time. This reduces your time when you want to add multiple items to your subscription list. This feature depends on the configuration of the “Multiple selection in lists” feature. For more information, please refer to the Symbio Documentation.

Authentification via Microsoft and LinkedIn (OAuth)

Symbio supports OAuth 2.0, which is used with Linkedin and Microsoft accounts. This further simplifies authentication to Symbio for you. You can use your Linkedin or Microsoft account to log in to Symbio across platforms. The prerequisite is that the same e-mail address is used in both systems.

The OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol allows you to log in securely without having your password saved in Symbio. For further explanations and configuration, please use the Symbio Documentation.


Keyword Search

The search has again been optimized and accelerated. Within the function you can search for individual words and word beginnings.

With the new permalink dialog, the ability to share links with others has been significantly improved. Furthermore, you can choose between a link independent of the version, a link to the version or a link to the current selection (in version). The “Copy” button automatically puts the link into the clipboard. As soon as the link has been successfully copied to the clipboard, a green checkmark is displayed.

The optimized link dialog makes it much easier for you to share permalinks, thus increasing the usability of Symbio.

Extensions in the Symbio standard method

Method: Show shape numbers for scenarios and for main and sub processes

You can use the method enhancement to display numberings on the shapes. You can display the numbering on process flow objects for the graphic layouts available for selection (sequence of shapes in the process path). The numbers are displayed at the objects in the bottom right-hand corner. The numbers displayed provide a better overview, especially for extensive processes, and help you to find certain shapes more quickly. The numbering can also be transferred to the manuals.

Method: Show “contained elements” in processes

For the facet “Processes” the section “Occurs in” appears in the Detail Content. Here, processes or scenarios are listed in which the currently selected process occurs, usually as a process reference or interface. The listed elements are clustered by type (main processes, subprocesses or scenarios).

This view gives you a constant overview of the processes in which your selected element occurs. You can find out more about this enhancement in the Symbio Documentation.

Method: “Documents to be considered” for organizational units

For the facet “Organization”, the section “Documents to be considered” appears in the Detail Content. You can link documents to organizational units.

Method: “Inputs/Outputs” and “KPIs” at interfaces

Content inputs/outputs as well as key figures (KPI) can be added to interfaces in detail.

Method: Extension of the key figure management and administration possibility as architecture

With the new Symbio key figure system an even better control of the company is possible. We have removed the existing key figures in the strategy facet from the strategy viewpoint and created a new entry into Symbio and established it as the facet “key figures”. The new key figure system offers the possibility to map key figures in driver trees (key figure architecture). In a first step, the corporate goals and strategy should be developed in Symbio. The strategy should then be linked to the top KPIs, because top KPIs are connected.

By linking the strategy view and the KPI system, customers can establish a balance score card in Symbio and then continuously communicate this to the organization. By continuously measuring the key performance indicators, the achievement of targets is checked and the company can then react to changes at an early stage.

Furthermore, the key figures can then be linked to the processes, IT application systems and other views in Symbio. The connection between the goals (the strategy), the key figures and the processes ensures the fastest possible implementation in the organization and for each employee.

The key figures can also be displayed as a profile and linked to the source systems from the IT architecture (IT application systems). Additional objects and new attributes are available.

In addition to the key figure driver tree, reports with report chapters can be displayed. This enables companies to map the business report chapter structure, for example, and link the necessary key figures in the various report chapters. This means that companies will also be able to generate company reports from Symbio in the future. Symbio is thus increasingly digitalizing corporate management.

Our recommendation:

  1. Map company goals
  2. derive and define the most important key performance indicators according to the company’s goals (strategy) and other company characteristics
  3. then break down the financial figures, e.g. along the structure of the contribution margin calculation
  4. then define the value drivers at the lowest level, which influence the financial key figures
  5. the key figures should then be defined as a profile and a responsible person in the company should release this profile
  6. It is now important that the key figures are linked to the processes in order to ensure that they can be implemented and measured in everyday life
  7. It is important that the goals and key figures are further optimised every 3-6 months and then the processes in the company are also adjusted accordingly.

To automatically activate this method in Symibo, please deactivate the feature “Method: Key figures as list (instead of architecture)” first.

Zur automatischen Aktivierung dieser Methode in Symibo das Feature „Methode: Kennzahlen als Liste (anstelle Architektur)“ bitte zuerst deaktivieren.

Short News

  • An exclamation mark as a marker on tasks is displayed not only when risks are assigned, but also when controls are assigned. This allows you to identify existing controls on shapes at first glance.
  • Interfaces to scenarios can be modeled in Main Processes. This allows you to link to scenarios within main processes.