Release Notes January 2021

Add review date for continuous improvement

Processes live change! To keep the process house continuously up to date, it is possible to enter a review date for each main or sub process. If no date is entered manually, Symbio automatically sets a value in +365 days.

On the HOME-site, a clear display can be integrated via list widget, which shows all released processes sortable by review date.

In this way, you can keep an eye on the upcoming changes and plan to update the processes in good time.

Targeted planning and execution of audits

Internal or external audits are used to comprehensively analyze the extent to which a company’s existing processes, requirements or guidelines meet the required standards.

Symbio supports audit managers in planning the scope of the audit, defining the processes to be audited, and documenting the results of the analysis.

To use the full range of functionality, the feature Extensions for process analysis on projects must be activated.

The audit is created as a project and can be supplemented with corresponding attributes, such as project risks or success criteria. The processes of the process house to be audited are then linked.

Results, summarized observations and also derived recommendations for action can be freely described in corresponding text fields.

Customer-specific audit reports can be created on the basis of this data. It is also possible to integrate the Celonis process mining tool into Symbio in order to link Symbio with real-time process data and to further accelerate target process documentation – an important step towards establishing a comprehensive business navigation system.

More information can be found in the Symbio User Manual

Feature: extended projects for process analysis or audit purposes

Scope filter now also for lists

Lists of processes or repository objects are often very long and extend over several pages. In order to specifically filter the contents of such lists, individual scope filter criteria can now also be set.

After activating the extended filter bar: individual scope filter selection, the 3 filter options Organizations, Locations and Tags will appear in the gray header.

The prerequisite is, of course, that these scope filter criteria have previously been maintained in the detail content of the respective processes or objects.

Unique technical IDs for processes and objects

Each versionable element in Symbio has a unique ID identifier that can be used by administrators for further processing.

For example, objects from Symbio can be synchronized manually or automatically with other systems, or internal questions can be analyzed in a targeted manner.

After activating the show technical IDs feature, the Technical ID section appears in the detail content, where the IDs can be read.

technical ID
Technical IDs

Extensions in the Symbio standard method

If the hide secondary application connections as inputs and outputs feature is enabled, the secondary applications (Input) and secondary applications (Output) fields are no longer displayed in the Detail Content of the PROCESSES facet. A single field for storing the applications appears.


Short messages

  • Filtered process architecture
    In the architecture of the PROCESSES facet, the filter function is now also available – as it already exists for the architectures of the other facets.
  • Lifecycle for Documents, Standards and Customer Journeys
    The lifecycle navigation known from the PROCESS facet is now also available for the DOCUMENTS, STANDARDS and CUSTOMERS facets.
  • List widget “last modified documents” for the HOME site
    An additional list widget is now available for the design of the Symbio HOME site, which displays the most recently changed documents.
  • The feature „Massdata editing“ is currently only available for Administrators