Release Note November 2019

Permissions for objects made more flexible

This feature simplifies the authorization structure, as the authorization is assigned directly via objects. This allows specific groups or persons to be given or withdrawn specific authorizations without changing the other authorizations.

This means that groups do not have to be created several times for different authorizations.This flexible authorization structure simplifies the work for the admin. It is suitable for certifications, such as: Auditors can be given access to certain areas without being granted other authorizations.

If an external employee needs access to another area, he or she can simply be given the authorization without this affecting other authorizations.

For further information, please see Symbio Documentation.

Permissions for facets

As with processes, you can assign authorizations to all facets (such as risks, systems, etc.). These authorizations then become the standard for all objects within the facet. This feature is particularly suitable for areas in which only one employee creates and maintains objects.

Other employees should use the objects accordingly and link them to other objects but should not be allowed to create their own.

A risk manager in the company is solely responsible for creating risks and therefore has the corresponding authorizations. Process authors may use the risks but may not create them.

Please see Symbio Documentation for further information.

Favorite Management: Sharing favorites

Favorite groups can now be shared with other users or user groups. This extends the already existing feature “Group management for favorites”. Changes to the favorite groups are automatically applied to the users or user groups with whom you have shared your favorites.

For better visualization, the favorites (and also the subscriptions) are grouped by own and shared favorites when the feature is activated in the dialog.

This feature can be used, for example, to make new processes that are relevant for employees visible to other employees within the favorites. Employees are thus informed faster about projects and have an overview of the relevant processes.

This feature also simplifies familiarization: superiors simply assign tasks to the relevant employees using the process-oriented favorites. This procedure is also suitable for employees who are to take on new tasks.

Further areas of application are audits within the scope of quality management. By actively controlling favorites, the company’s compliance is permanently ensured.

Weitere Anwendungsbereiche sind Audits im Rahmen von Qualitätsmanagement. Durch die aktive Steuerung von Favoriten wird dauerhaft die Compliance des Unternehmens sichergestellt.


Extended filter function: With the new functionality, it is possible to filter in greater detail for specific attributes and fields in the filter bar and lists. By clicking on the search field in the upper left corner, a drop-down menu opens to further specify the search.

For example, you can search only for the description attribute or a name. For you as an admin and your employees, the search within Symbio is faster.

All users benefit in the long term from the simplified narrowing down of the data relevant to them.