Release Note June 2019

Graphical Comparison

With the graphical version comparison, all users can directly see the deviations of the different versions of a process. Symbio shows you exactly the process steps where the changes were made between the versions. This allows you to immediately recognize new, removed, or changed content and attributes.

Your employees can thus see at a glance whether redundant work steps have been omitted and the process has an optimized flow.

The graphical version comparison enables you to recognize changes directly. The highlighting makes the differences between the versions visible more quickly.

Feature Flags

An important extension of the Continuous Delivery method is the option for customers to activate or deactivate the new functions for the application. In this way, you decide whether a new function should be applied for productive use or whether it has no relevance for your company.

Once the features are deployed, you can test the features and then decide which application to use.

As a customer, you have the following advantages: You can test the function continuously and activate it yourself after a specially defined test period. Of course, you can send us feedback or comments at any time during the test period.

Jira connector and extension of requirements management

In Symbio you can use the interface to the requirements management tool Atlassian Jira to create a platform for planning and implementing projects or products.

The advantages of this solution are:

  • Fast project start through documented processes
  • No duplicates and no loss of information in the project
  • Acceleration of projects and promotion of cooperation

The requirements recorded in Symbio are synchronised with Jira via the interface. In Jira you can now manage the requirements and create, assign and track tasks. Through the bidirectional interface, the changes in Jira directly update Symbio. In this way we always guarantee up-to-date data in requirements management.
This enables you to define the requirements in the entire change cycle and control them with projects.

More and more data is managed in Symbio and successively increases the complexity of accessing information quickly and efficiently.

In order to find required data faster, users can use this function to filter by keywords, users or stereotypes.

Multiple selection of filter attributes

With the new version, users can use the multiple selection for the filter criteria organization, locations and tags. For example, the user selects several organizational units in the organization tree and can add more. The same applies to the locations where multiple locations are now selected at the same time. This allows attributes to be captured more quickly and increases usability.

The multiple selection will be successively extended for further connected objects and implemented in the next releases.

Extension of the project method

To capture and document an extensive project portfolio, we extend the project view with new content. With the new Key Figures Symbio enables a more precise detailing of the project contents, project duration and further specific information.

This allows you to define your projects in Symbio and assign them directly to your processes within the system.

Consolidate user groups

By consolidating the user groups, old or no longer used user groups can be merged. The consolidation “deletes” the groups without causing any loss of data.


  • #1936: Graphics in descriptions are displayed in the manual
  • #1952: Graphical editor displays correct names
  • #1967: Correct order of responsible org in display name
  • #1968: Approver group listed once
  • #1970: Stereotype of Roles is set correctly for roles
  • #1974: Aggregated data is correctly displayed in FactSheets
  • #2011: Info message also shown for repository objects in Viewer mode if released 2.0 version is selected
  • #2016: Approvers with Approval permission but without edit permissions can reject workflows
  • #2028: German manual for Swimlane Vertical contains same attributes like English manual
  • #2032: User with author application role can not edit Tasks in Sub processes where another user is maintained
  • Favorites and subscriptions for customer facet element types show their names correctly
  • Favorites/Subscription in Header dispaly all elements
  • Name and descriptions of tasks in taskboard/infoboard can not be changed
  • Edit Attributes and Generate Documents are enabled and working for valid processes- analogue to released ones
  • Request to expiry only sets specific version to “Expired” after approval and not all versions within version container
  • Swimlane header is shown correctly for Main Processes
  • Swimlane header is shown correctly for Sub Processes
  • Autofill function for pre-filtered elements
  • Detail Content shows all info about released attribute
  • Editor can access in tree all process except of expired versions
  • Variants of Sub Processes can be accessed by all users with permission of the Sub Process
  • Valid until is set to 31.12.9999 by default