Design interactive workshops with movmint: Illustrate entire processes through slides and optimize them with your team – the perfect addition to Symbio!

  • Easy Transfer from the Workshop to Symbio Transfer your new and optimized processes to Symbio after the workshop - simply photograph and press import
  • Antistatic Foils movmints adhere to almost any surface and can be removed without leaving any residue. They are washable and can be reused.
  • Everybody Joins in Get your team on board with movmints. Juice up workshops with the innovative slides and drive forward changes in your company together.
  • Visualize and Optimize Processes Dig deeper into your actual processes by moving and changing the slides. Brainstorm how to optimize existing processes and create new target processes.

Design Interactive Process Workshops

Boost the creativity of your workshop participants and develop new ideas with movmint. Processes are defined on the wall or on the window with self-adhesive foils which can be easily recreated in Symbio – with identical symbols. Use our contact form to request your personal movmint offer or order directly.

movmint Foils
movmint Flipchart Foil
movmint Starter Bag
movmint Case