Symbio Business Navigator

Your personal process portal, integrated in the company map: Navigate your employees through their daily work routine with just a few clicks.

  • Customized dashboard
  • Interactive dashboards and lists
  • Integration of existing applications such as process mining
  • Intelligent search with filtering
  • Collaboration with key business office applications
  • Subscription management

The intelligent assistant for all

Information is distributed throughout the entire company. But how do employees get to the data that is relevant to them? The Symbio Business Navigator fills the gap between the management system and employees. It accompanies and supports everyone involved in gaining a holistic view of the company at all times.

Every employee finds the fastest and safest way to exactly the information he needs at that moment. The Business Navigator reduces the company data and adapts it individually to the respective needs of the employee. The main focus is on achieving common goals safely, efficiently and ecologically.

Navigating through everyday business

All relevant information at a glance: Changes to processes and documents are directly visible to every employee. Based on their assigned roles and jobs, they are assigned in the form of training tasks. The business map takes care of everyday organisation as well as task management.

Ensure compliant work

With the Training Assistant, you empower employees to meet the high demands of compliance. The app promotes quick familiarisation, increases product quality, optimises cooperation and ensures compliant work in the team. Managers and process owners can call up the relevant evidence for audits at any time.

The personal process portal

The Business Navigator with intuitive usability reduces the complete Integrated Management System to the needs of the individual employees. Based on role and settings, each employee receives a needs-based visualisation in his or her personal dashboard. With modern evaluation, the app creates a new kind of user experience.

Search, find, navigate

Straight to the target without detours: in everyday business, time is a decisive competitive advantage. Employees should not spend more resources than necessary searching for urgently needed information. With intelligent search, everyone involved can quickly find the information they need.


Deployed systems only benefit the company if they are used by everyone. With its modern and intuitive interface, the Business Navigator makes it easier for all users to use. Changes are displayed directly. Every user is thus continuously encouraged to take their own actions in the system and to discover new content.

Interact and collaborate

Integrate the Business Navigator into your existing work environments. The system informs all users when changes are made. No information is lost and no user remains uninformed. Familiarisation is completed efficiently and quickly through structured knowledge.

The Symbio Business Navigator in action

  • Automated Use Cases
  • Specialised apps for various stakeholders
  • Modern and intuitive interface
  • Integrated workflows for a structured daily routine
  • Interaction with employees, managers and teams
  • Integration into the digital workplace with Microsoft 365, JIRA, etc.
  • Automatic generation of reduced graphic views
  • Integrated Symbio task management in collaboration with task management tools