Symbio Business Manager

Illustrate the company as a map with automated process modelling: The Symbio Business Manager combines all BPM, QMS and IMS solutions in one product.

  • Modern and intuitive BPM, QM and IMS solution Symbio is Software as a Service from the European Microsoft Azure Cloud. Symbio offers the complete functionality from one source.
  • Complete method and best practice content All inclusive: no more long method definitions. Plus the best from the practice. symbiotic.
  • Holistic view of your organisation Symbio offers many different views of all aspects of your business.
  • Automated and integrated use cases for BPM, IMS and EAM Symbio is "Business ready". Whatever you want to start - you can start right away.
  • Enterprise wide process collaboration All stakeholders are unified in a continuous process that aims for the optimum in business performance
  • Cost effective Affordable and easy to enable the entire organization in one unified integrated management solution
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Controlling everyday processes simply and efficiently with a BPM suite

With the web-based Symbio Business Manager you can model your business processes automatically. Symbio focuses on process and quality management as well as IT- business transformation projects. The Business Manager offers you process analysis, process optimisation and process publishing as process management software. Combined with other views, Symbio becomes a holistic and company-wide integrated management system (IMS). In the holistic company map, all areas of company management are linked together.

Symbio stands out: a complete meta-model (method) with automated data maintenance and process modelling. Symbio offers free reference models in BPMN format. Workflows for the processes in process and quality management simplify and accelerate your procedures globally. Use our innovative BPM platform and harmonise all areas of your company. Benefit from our BPMN reference models and best practices – for a quick start into business process management.

Flexible process views
Automated quality management

Features for your optimised process management

  • Automated process modelling
  • Automatically generated graphic views
  • HTML designer for designed entry-level models
  • Holistic Best Practice Meta-Model
  • Personalised entrances for all employees
  • Integrated and flexible workflows 
  • Version and variant management
  • Authorisation management of all information objects 
  • Global filtering and scoping of all content 
  • Intelligent business management and optimisation 
  • Graphical process comparison of the BPMN models 
  • Interfaces to JIRA, SAP, Celonis and Microsoft
  • Integration into existing IT service infrastructure 
  • Multilingualism and automatic translation 
  • Simple management system evaluations
  • Microsoft Reporting Services und PowerBI-Dashboards