Symbio Business Navigator

The process-oriented task system, integrated in the company map: navigate employees safely and quickly through their everyday work with apps.

  • Interactive workflows for all employees
  • Ready to use BPM + IMS Use Cases with Analytics
  • Automates and accelerates the management system
  • Digital employee assistant integrated in Microsoft 365

The intelligent assistant for all employees

Information is distributed throughout the company. But how do employees access the data relevant to them? BPM systems can help, but are not used by all employees. The Business Navigator fills the gap between management system and employee. It reduces the data and adapts it individually to the respective needs of the employee.

Navigation through the business day
Ensure work in compliance
The personal process portal
Accelerating and controlling business IT transformations
Minimise risks and organise controls

The Symbio Business Navigator in action

  • Automated Use Cases
  • Specialised apps for various stakeholders
  • Modern and intuitive interface
  • Integrated workflows for a structured daily routine
  • Interaction with employees, managers and teams
  • Integration into the digital workplace with Microsoft 365, JIRA, etc.