Microsoft Visio® Importer

Visio allows you to model your processes quickly and easily: Complement the Microsoft solution with Symbio!

  • Connecting both worlds Make even better use of Visio® with Symbio.
  • No time-consuming relocation necessary Import Visio® files easily into Symbio.
  • More features Not only visualise business processes, but also automate them.
  • Access data company-wide Symbio as a living system for your organisation.

It is not for nothing that Microsoft Visio is the most used tool when it comes to modelling processes quickly and easily. Why? Every employee in your company can visualise processes and process knowledge without much prior knowledge. Everyone has access to the files in the central team sharepoint. Unfortunately, most Visio users soon reach the limits of Visio. Processes become more and more extensive. This also increases your effort, because the flood of files eventually becomes endless – and unmanageable for you. At a certain point, you can no longer recognise connections between processes.

  • Transfer existing data easily

    Transfer existing data easily

    Your company already has valuable process knowledge in Visio. Visio therefore also remains an important tool in your everyday life. The already existing data is not lost, but imported via Connector from Visio to Symbio. This way you can make all the information available to the entire organisation in just a few steps.

  • Daily life becomes easier

    Daily life becomes easier

    With the Visio alternative Symbio, your organisation responds flexibly to changes and innovations. Symbio distributes global knowledge to the right places. We ensure that your process organisation is better positioned in the long term. This not only increases customer satisfaction in service, but also creates security for each of your employees.

  • Do not renounce anything

    Do not renounce anything

    A smart combination: Visio as a brainstorming tool - Symbio is the platform for the continuous optimisation of the entire company. A perfect tool interplay that perfectly organises your everyday business.

What do quality and process managers want for their work?

  • Standardise process modelling throughout the company
  • Evaluate interrelationships with central master data
  • Provide process knowledge
  • Simply search process portals
  • Automate processes
  • Significantly reduce the effort of process maintenance

Make process knowledge accessible to all

  • Make process knowledge accessible to all Use your existing process knowledge, which is available today in Visio® data as a basis. Transfer everything easily via drag-and-drop.
  • Working with familiar tools Model processes in Microsoft Visio® as you normally would with your colleagues. Symbio generates a BPMN 2.0 format from it.
  • Maintaining the overview Bundle your knowledge in the company by bringing your Visio® files together in one central place.
  • Optimize processes With a uniform and structured database in Symbio, all quality and management processes can be continuously optimised.