Microsoft Visio® Importer

The easiest way to use existing Visio® processes in Symbio.

  • Easy switchover When you switch from Visio® to Symbio, you do not have to manually enter all your existing processes in Symbio.
  • Perform mapping yourself Connect the Visio® objects with the objects that you want to use in Symbio in the future.
  • Easy import Import only one or directly import all .vsdx files into your Symbio - no matter what your user role is.
  • Get started To use the Visio® Importer, all you need to do is enter your e-mail address, but do not create a user account.

Simply use Visio® processes in Symbio

  • Quick and easy For use, simply select all files via drag and drop and upload them. Choose how your Visio® objects are mapped in Symbio. Preview your choice before importing. You can now use your existing Visio® processes in Symbio.
  • Can be used with any role No matter what user role you have in Symbio, you can import from Visio to Symbio yourself. The admin is given an ID that he can pass on to anyone in the company. The ID can be used indefinitely. In this respect, any user, regardless of role, can perform the import.
  • Completely web-based Like Symbio, the Visio® importer is completely web-based. You do not need to download anything to use it and can start directly. You can also import an unlimited number of files at the same time.