SAP® Solution Manager Connector

Accelerates and simplifies SAP® transformation projects – S/4Hana projects. Symbio thus becomes the business platform for all project participants and creates the connection to the IT SAP® experts with the synchronous interface to SAP® Solution Manager.

  • Accelerated SAP® Solution Documentation Automated and SAP® SolMan-like modeling allows business models to be defined and optimized very quickly, accelerating SAP® projects.
  • Easy access for the business Symbio integrates the business through its simple front-end, creating a bridge between the process experts and the IT application specialists.
  • Simply synchronize document and the system landscape The SAP® Solution Manager Connector automatically transfers all project documents inclusive link and the IT system landscape from SolMan to Symbio, thus we lay the foundation for operation.
  • Decoupling of areas of responsibility Responsibilities remain clearly separated, but ensure optimal interaction between the business departments and IT. In this way, we protect the solution documentation in SAP® Solution Manager.

We strive for an automated DevOps cycle

IT landscapes are becoming increasingly complex – and so are the requirements. At the same time, companies are under high pressure to keep innovation cycles shorter and shorter. Smooth collaboration between business and IT and agile, seamless documentation support you in your endeavors.

Our interface is aligned for both the project and the operation. In doing so, we continuously synchronize all important information objects between both systems and thus also create completely new evaluation options. This avoids undesirable developments and creates an overview at any time in the project/operation.

Transfer your existing SAP® SolMan project to Symbio
Keeping both worlds in sync: in project and operation
Generate specification automatically
 Further automating application lifecycle management

SAP® Solution manager and Symbio

  • Transfer Initial SolMan projects
  • Synchronized process landscape
  • Automated process modeling
  • Synchronize project documents with type
  • SolMan Library principle extended in Symbio
  • SolMan Library principle extended in Symbio
  • Process Mining from Celonis integrated
  • Transfer SAP IT landscape to Symbio