Atlassian Jira Connector

Realises and guarantees the implementation of optimisation potentials, measures, IT requirements, etc. in agile teams and creates transparency in raising business potentials.

Map ALM projects from process to implementation: Link Jira project flow with processes in symbio

  • Accelerate initial identification of potentials & requirements Record in Symbio Fit-Gap requirements, audit measures, optimisation potentials in processes, synchronise this automatically with Jira and secure the implementation in the team in Jira.
  • Generate audit reports and specifications and reduce effort By linking requirements management with processes, IT applications, etc., reports/manuals can be generated on a daily basis. This prevents undesirable developments and creates transparency.
  • Simple control of project progress in the processes The synchronisation of the status of user stories from Jira to Symbio creates transparency to the implementation status and thus an overview of which potential can be achieved in which business transactions.
  • Targeted and safe implementation of operational optimisation Since Symbio versions all requirements, potential, user stories, etc. in the processes and thus archives them, it is very easy to track implemented changes and optimisation. This is an important basis for secure operation, especially in RPA bot development.

Realise your potentials – Jira and Symbio secures it

Successful companies improve continuously. You automate your processes with modern IT, minimise your risks through the best possible control mechanisms, integrate every employee to continuously improve processes, etc.

In order to raise all the measures, ideas and potentials it is of great importance to follow the implementation of these tasks.

The Symbio Jira interface supports all process managers, process analysts, IT project managers, process owners, etc. to implement the recorded potentials in Jira as a team and to monitor the status of progress. This is how companies realise the potential they have found.

We secure it with Symbio and Jira. Other tools such as Dimension, Azure DevOps, Trello, etc. can also be connected.

Record and organise requirements and potentials in Symbio
Synchronise requirements, potentials according to Jira
Update Jira User Story automatically in Symbio
Analyse and report on project progress in Symbio

Feature Overview Jira Connector

  • Define project with process scope
  • Adoption of the requirements by Jira
  • Create initial user stories in Symbio
  • Update of the Jira requirements in Symbio
  • Synchronisation of user stories
  • Evaluation of implementation progress in Symbio
  • Synchronisation of the entire Jira project
  • Generate Specs. automatically in Symbio