Process Mining Connector

Focus on the right potentials: Accelerate process modelling, simplify process analysis and create an overview of all optimization projects in the process landscape.

  • Accelerate process modelling Process mining makes it easy to analyze and visualize real actual IT application processes and document them in Symbio. This saves time and resources in process modelling and creates the basis for the best possible target-performance comparison.
  • Track results and findings of optimization projects Symbio brings together all the information on the various optimization projects in one place. Process mining analyses, potentials and ideas identified in the team, measures including their implementation and the newly created target world. This creates an overview throughout the entire company.
  • Detect potentials faster with the Conformance Checker Transfer your target processes into the Process Mining Engine and determine the deviations and thus the business potentials to the real actual process. In this way, you will find new potentials faster and objectify the process weaknesses that have already been identified.
  • Quickly identify process bottlenecks in the process map Existing business processes are increasingly being digitalized and automated by IT applications. We combine the process mining analysis results with the documented actual process map and thus immediately show process bottlenecks and potentials in the process map.

The BPM of the future becomes the business navigation system in companies

With Symbio, our customers establish a business company map where all business views are united and related. We like to compare it to Google Maps – Symbio is the platform where the map of the city is created. For example, the streets represent processes, the signs represent standards and guidelines, the IT applications represent different services in a city.

In order to visualize the movements in the business company map and thus in the company (the city), we combine process mining analysis as one component. This will show the movement data in the map and the process congestion as well as the circumvention of rules will become transparent. Thus, the Google maps for companies is created. All employees benefit from this, as they can see on a daily basis which paths they should take in order to reach their destination as quickly and safely as possible.

Process mining as the basis for your documentation
Optimization and auditing of your processes
Connecting process mining with the process map
Accelerating SAP S/4Hana Projects

Function Overview Celonis connector

  • Import actual processes as BPMN 2.0 to Symbio
  • Transfer process analyses as a section to Symbio as an image or BPMN 2.0
  • Link process analysis with target and documented actual processes
  • Track measures in the optimisation projects, e.g. in JIRA
  • Export target processes to Celonis
  • Transfer conformance results
  • Control optimisation and audit projects via Symbio
  • Generate project manual with observations, findings and measures