Design interactive Workshops
with movmint

Get your team moving

Organize your workshops actively and together in a team – without software. You get your team moving with movmint. The change is worked out together at the table or on the wall.
They use movmint symbol foils and flipchart foils, which are electrostatically charged and adhere to any smooth surface. The goal is to bring all employees to the table and to define the ACTUAL condition of a process. Afterwards, the change that leads to the TARGETed condition is actively and jointly designed in a team.

Everyone can write, move, change or even build.


  Describe the movmint symbol foils on the table.

  Use permanent markers or dry wipeable boardmarker.

  Place the movmint films described above on the wall.

  Adapt your team’s process accordingly.

  The defined processes are then digitized into symbio with identical symbolism.


Test it out – make your workshops more dynamic!

Electrostatic –
easy application and marking

Reusable – environmental protection
“at its best”.

  Digitisation in Symbio
with innovative technology

movmint components

movmint films


movmint films adhere to almost all surfaces. They are easy to install, write, remove and recharge. There are symbol foils, coloured foils and smileys foils. Set no limits to your processes!

movmint flipchart film


The movmint flipchart films, like the movmint films, are electrostatically chargeable for the process displays. They are characterised by their simple installation, their reusability and their unlimited application possibilities.

movmint bag


The noble felt bag contains a complete starter set of symbol foils for your workshops. The beautiful side effect is that it not only has a noble design, but also protects your foils safely.

movmint trolley


The elegant aluminium case gives you everything you need for an effective workshop. In addition to the complete set of movmint symbol films, it also contains many useful materials for workshop design.