Symbio Reporting

Overview of the leading BPM/QM reporting functionality on the market

With the integrated reporting, you can evaluate structures and relationships in Symbio on a ad hoc basis, for instance your key performance indicators. Symbio Reporting ensures a consistent quality of your processes, as all organizational information like risks, controls, documents, etc. can easily be analyzed.


Reports can be embedded in different views and interact with the Symbio context (e.g. by clicking on a process in the process architecture, the report is adapted accordingly). Reports can be printed and downloaded in various formats.

Using Microsoft Reporting Services, the Symbio Analyst can select standardized reports in the web interface or create them himself and export them to various file formats such as Excel. There are already some standard reports available which we will expand further with our customers.


Symbio Analyst can develop new reports with SQL Reporting Designer and publish them in its environment. In cooperation with the Symbio Administrator new Symbio Reports can be configured in the admin area.

Use Symbio Reporting to analyze and optimize your company

  • With Symbio Reporting and the leading BI tools from Microsoft, Symbio offers the leading reporting on the BPM and QM market. This is a further step to the leading digital assistant based integrated management system.


  • With these evaluation options, a customer can very easily and flexibly analyze his own business relationships, integrate them into Symbio and make them available as exports in various formats – even mobile.


  • Symbio Analyst receives already implemented standard reports from P+Z. He can easily connect to the reporting database at any time and design individual reports/ dashboards. In Symbio, all reports are then available to the analyst in the various company views.


  • The integrated Symbio Reporting is based on the latest and leading BI technologies from Microsoft – SQL Server Reporting Services + PowerBI.


  • With the new Symbio Reporting you can create, deliver and manage classic, mobile and highly engaging interactive reports as well as personalized dashboards with a unique 360° view of your business. The dashboards can be integrated, controlled and securely scaled company-wide.


Symbio Standard Reports

We offer Symbio Reporting for Microsoft Reporting Services and Microsoft PowerBI. This integration means that all reports are fully integrated in Symbio. The integrated reporting allows you to evaluate structures and relationships in Symbio ad-hoc. At the moment several standard reports are available:


  • Standard & extended Process Hierarchy Report: The analyst can view the complete process architecture with details on the individual processes. It is possible to download the complete process architecture as Excel.
  • Risk Control Matrix: Evaluation of processes and the associated risks plus controls with the aim of verifying their completeness and correct appearance.
  • Process Organisation and Role Matrix: Evaluation of processes and their associated roles with the aim of checking them for completeness and makes a valuable contribution, especially during the organizational introduction.
  • Document process list: Analysis of processes and the related documents with the result to get a document overview related to the linked processes. The aim is to get an overview quickly and to close specific quality checks.
  • Object Analysis Report: Analysis of used Symbio objects with the result to get an overview of the common attributes used in all processes. The aim is to provide help with quality assurance and consistency checks of the process database.


With Microsoft Reporting Services, Symbio Analyst can select standardized reports from the web interface  and export them to various file formats such as Excel.

Process organisation matrix

Symbio Reporting Architecture

For cloud users, the activation of the Cloud Reporting Service is necessary, on premise users must be able to use the Reporting Service of MS SQL Server on their environment. Further system requirements regarding the Symbio Reporting find here.


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