Process Mining

Automated analysis of processes, detection of deviations and optimization of processes

You want to know why your processes are not running optimally?
Do you want to continuously improve complex processes in your company, detect process deviations and react quickly to them? Symbio Process Mining supports you in automatically collecting, evaluating and transparently visualizing process data from one or more IT systems. Process Mining as a basic technology stands for the automatic collection and analysis of business processes.

On the basis of data from IT systems, your as-is processes are completely reconstructed and visualized using an image-bound process. Process performance indicators, which are determined on the basis of a system, show you clearly what the performance of your business processes is. The objectively determined process key figures can be used quickly and easily for further analyses, e. g. for the evaluation of process costs in the company.

Use Process Mining: Identify potential for improvement.

Symbio Process Mining

Process mining is the smartest way to measure the performance of your business processes. The tools visualize and document all process variants on the basis of your SAP® solution and workflow data. The Process Mining Algorithm automatically analyzes your processes and reconstructs the executed process model. Complex corporate structures and confusing IT infrastructures are presented in an understandable way and made accessible to the specialist departments. Process risks and costs can be identified and optimized on the basis of these evaluations.

Process Mining in detail

Extract IT data

Process-related information such as document data from IT systems like SAP® (order number, time stamp, activity indicator), process data from symbio and other operational sources are extracted.

Transforming and
analyzing IT data

The process-related data from the various systems are transformed by Symbio Process Mining (powered by QPR) and appear as as-is processes visualized and completely reconstructed by an image-bound process.

Analyzing and optimizing processes

The as-is processes can be analyzed (e. g. number of operations per process step) and optimized.

Benefit from Process Mining

The screenshots are P2P showcases of our partner celonis. Further information:

 Recognize and automatically reconstruct technical processes

Automatic recognition and reconstruction of technical processes

Establish a continuous connection between the as-is processes and the target processes

 Relate technical and business process models with each other

 Carry out fast bottom-up analyses without affecting your daily business

Perform fact-based and data-based detailed analyses (drill down to the document)

Identify process deficits, deviations and risks more quickly

Identify and implement the ideal process flows by means of precise data-based evaluations

Represent the success of the as-is process documentation

Identify customer potential faster


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