Symbio for Virtual Reality

Achieve efficient results through the use of Virtual Reality

How about your digital management system recognizing where you are in the process and being able to give you important information in a context-sensitive way? Symbio for Virtual Reality puts this idea into practice. With the add-on, you enable your employees and yourself to move process-oriented in virtual rooms. You can retrieve important information needed in processes at exactly the right time.

The basis for this is digital knowledge management: processes, documents and advanced knowledge are already digitized in Symbio. You will then link all of these knowledge units with each other to create a comprehensive, digital company map in your company. Based on this, the system automatically recognizes where you are in the relevant detail process. You can conveniently retrieve detailed and context-sensitive information on time.

The Management System 4.0

Symbio Virtual Reality Grafik

Navigation in the digital company landscape

 Retrieve processes and documents in the context of knowledge and space and jump to rooms
   Navigate worldwide through different locations
   New employees can be empowered efficiently via eLearning
  Retrieve data and information in context with mobile devices, such as processes, risks, policies, measures and much more
   Visualize knowledge, evaluation, dashboard, learning in space

Cooperation and continuous
improvement 4.0

  Point-exact exchange of all employees for worldwide optimization

   Locate optimization measures/ideas & feedback exactly where they are and place them in the management system

   Promoting continuous exchange between employees and within teams

Symbio Virtual Reality Grafik

Integrated management system 4.0 – global optimization of the company

  Compare rooms or factories and make differences visible through process and information variants
  Establish effective quality management, simplify certification procedures

  Process harmonization by copying all information of a site and using it as a basis for new sites
  Combining dashboards and interactive information for targeted improvement measures
  Combination with process mining from existing IT systems for process analysis and optimization
  Different views and role concepts for individualized information access


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