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Symbio for SAP® offers you a comprehensive solution for the process-oriented implementation of SAP® systems in your company. We combine a procedure developed from many years of experience with the right tools and pre-defined content to guarantee a just-in-time and just-in-budget project flow for you.     


Symbio for SAP provides support for the entire Business Process Life Cycle of an SAP project:


   You start with a recording of requirements and analyses.

   Save up to 60% of your design time with Blueprinting.

   Configuration of your system: the predefined configuration saves time, significantly improves the quality of the processes and enables business and IT to have a common view of the Project.

   Testing: You can use end-to-end process scenarios to test the business application.

   The Training of the new process flows for the IT and business areas ensures that all employees know their new processes and are able to carry them out correctly.

   The roll-out can be carried out simultaneously for different SAP Solutions.

Harmonizing business and IT viewpoints

An essential requirement for the efficient implementation of an SAP® implementation is a common view of the process flows and the system to be implemented by business and IT. The view of the departments on the processes has to be harmonized with the view of the IT department.

The requirements of the departments should be taken into account from the outset in the planning process to avoid unnecessary and costly corrections or adjustments in the SAP system. With Symbio for SAP as a common basis, you offer both areas the opportunity to develop a uniform understanding of process flows. They create a common view of the processes and thus ideally combine business and IT in one solution. This saves time and money during your SAP implementation.


Interface to SAP Solution Manager 7.2


For SAP® implementations, Symbio for SAP also uses the integrated interface to SAP Solution Manager 7.2, a technical interface developed jointly with our partner msg global, which enables convenient data exchange between Symbio and SAP Solution Manager. A process-oriented approach for the implementation of SAP is also already implemented. This guarantees that the technical SAP content is defined according to your process flows during the implementation. The add-on extends Symbio with the corresponding features that guarantee a process-oriented SAP implementation.

Accelerate your SAP® projects with Symbio for SAP

Benefit from Symbio for SAP®

Grafik-Symbio SAP-Einfuehrung

 Synchronize the processes in Symbio with SAP Solution Manager for customizing, testing, rollouts, and more

Save time during implementation and reduce effort through best practices

Integrate different teams on a professional level (development and Management)

Create excellent solutions that are easy to use and optimally support your end-to-end processes

Use the process knowledge for employee training

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SAP® and SAP Solution Manager are registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and many other countries.

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