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Combining training content and process knowledge

E-Learning Prozessorientiert schulen

You want to use the potential of new employees quickly? Do you want your employees to know where they are in their work with a particular software at all times? Would you like to give a precise orientation on the process map? Do you want to inform your employees quickly about process changes and give them an overview of your business processes across departments? Then Symbio eLearning is the right solution for you!


Symbio eLearning powered by SAP® Enable Now enables you to benefit from the many advantages of process-oriented eLearning. You connect business process management with eLearning and build up a goal-oriented knowledge management for your company.

Your employees either enter training courses via processes or roles or can orientate themselves in the process landscape during training. Symbio also offers context-sensitive help. A SAP® user can directly record information in the software application and is guided by his or her process. The result: they are optimally oriented to where they currently are in the process flow. Fewer errors occur.

Employees can also start processes directly during their work. Training sequences and evaluable manuals are created. The automatically published training portal gives the viewer different views and accesses. All employees receive their training courses or application-related training courses precisely from their role perspective.

Symbio eLearning powered by SAP® Enable Now

Learn in processes and with processes – call up knowledge at the right place in a personalized way.

Symybio E-Learning

Recording and adaption of eLearnings

Symbio eLearning Producer enables e-learning authors to include IT systems and applications in their applications. Each time you record, a demo, exercise, test and practice version is automatically created. The author can edit the recordings, store the language, insert pictures, create links to html pages or insert additional help texts.

Calling process-related courses in Symbio

You can click on the corresponding process step directly in Symbio. The menu bar displays all the courses and documents offered. The desired training can be called up simply by clicking on it. Or you can access the graphical role views and have all training courses made available from the role view.

Using Symbio Training in the Live Process

The context-sensitive help provides immediate support to every user at any point in the process, so-called “learning on demand”. The Desktop Assistant avoids time-consuming searches and provides the user with the fastest possible assistance. This makes Symbio eLearning an active and very goal-oriented tool for process Management.

Roles in detail



The authoring tool supports you in workforce enablement design, recording, editing, and delivery of content such as simulations, help documentation, and fast e-learning courses.



Symbio Manager

The manager facilitates collaboration, learning and performance tracking. It provides features for server-based content workflow and collaboration, project management and reporting.



The Live System Wizard provides help directly in the application window when the user accesses the corresponding object.

Web & Client


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The efficient process management tool for process optimization. Provides simple process modeling, BPM database, reporting, publishing and optimization components.

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Fast implementation

Installation in a few minutes

Embedded into the existing IT infrastructure

Fast editing of recordings by adding text, audio, etc.

Embedding of external content such as links to html pages, ppt slides, documents, etc.

Comprehensive documentation

Live support, simulation, videos

Test Documents, Quiz Templates

Symbio eLearning books (reading and listening)

Context-sensitive aids

Easy integration

The process-oriented training portal can be easily integrated into any IT infrastructure

Linking of trainings and (training) documents with process steps

Export to SCORM or AICC; content can be integrated into any learning management system

Low investment

Attractive licensing model

Low training requirements

All users are involved by the Symbio eLearning Instant Producer

Sustainable learning in processes




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