eden – How process-oriented does your company already work?

Measure the maturity of your organization for process orientation with eden

symbio Eden

Your status? Are you still in the swamp, in the meadow, on the field, or already in the garden (of Eden)? How is process management implemented in your organization? Top-down (which would be great)? Or is it bottom-up (which is what we thought …)? How far am I able to travel? What is the personal version of the Garden of Eden for my organization? What are promising strategies for achieving the goals defined? And how do I explain all this to the board? Create a uniform understanding and sensitize the employees for process orientation and thus goal orientation. Use eden.

eden is a maturity model for process management in your organization, which not only states your exact status, but also how you can achieve your goals. eden was developed by professionals in the field and offers a realistic perspective at the organizational and process level.

Benefit from eden

eden is currently the only available comprehensive maturity model at the organizational level and eden can also be used at the process level. Established models (e.g. CMMI) and customized, industry-specific modules can also be integrated.

eden determines your organization-specific, goal-oriented maturity level.

eden provides not only your status, but gives also specific recommendations for the development of a specific implementation strategy or the development of process management in specific areas of activity of your organization.

approx. 150 criteria in nine dimensions offer an extremely broad and differentiated analysis spectrum .

eden is independent and neutral.

eden is not industry-dependent and benchmark-capable.

eden was developed in the working group, “BPM Excellence”, of the BPM Club by professionals for professionals

eden in action

Project Management

If the current user is detected as a user with administrator rights, the tab “Project Management” is visible. In project management, all actions are possible with regards to the management and administration of a project, such as basic data editing (range, project, etc.) and assignment of consultants and participants.

Symbio Eden ProjektSicherung
Project Overview

All projects which are currently maintained in the database are visible in the project overview in tabular form. The overview shows the “key data” of a project as well as the project status information such as approval, appropriate release date or current progress status (in percentage).


Evaluate a project according to various dimensions, such as IT or communications. If at least one criterion of a dimension is completely filled in, the text of the tab “dimension” is shown in yellow, and the number of the corresponding criterion is displayed in green.

eden in detail

Eden Dimension Symbio

Dimensions reflect the subject areas that are necessary for a successful process management implementation.

Eden Reifegrade
Maturity levels

On the basis of the individual criteria, each dimension is classified in one of six maturity levels.

Edan Analysis Symbio

The rating scale has six levels, starting with “Chaotic” (level 0) to “Sustainable” (level 5). The result of the review process is combined with the medium- and long-term goals and illustrated in the graphic.

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