Symbio Add-ons

Modular and flexible for custom-fit BPM solutions

Symbio BPM Suite Screen auf Laptop

Overview of add-ons


Symbio allows you to customize your process management solution to meet your exact needs. Symbio add-ons allow you to successively expand your system. The extensions are quick and easy to integrate. Extensions include the Symbio eLearning Suite, for example, which can be used to film IT applications during their application or Symbio Process Mining for automated process analysis.

Process Mining

Automatically capture process data from different IT systems and evaluate it for process optimization.

Symbio E-Learning
Symbio eLearning

Knowledge management made easy: Symbio eLearning enables you to train your employees in a process-oriented way. Capture video live during the IT application.

Symbio for SAP®

Symbio for SAP® is the guide in your SAP project and guides you safely through the entire project lifecycle.

Symbio for Virtual Reality

Virtual tours through your process landscape and language assistants make it easy to keep track of your processes.


Use the eden Client to measure the maturity of your organization for process orientation. Create a uniform understanding and sensitize the employees for process orientation and thus for goal orientation.