Process-oriented SAP®implementation

Successfully implementing SAP® projects

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Implementing SAP® in companies is not an easy task. Managers face a variety of challenges such as:


  IT and business departments do not speak the same language

  Business and IT applications are not coordinated

  Use of different tools for documentation, etc.

  Lack of communication through a unified approach

  Lack of transparency, no documentation in the project process

An essential requirement for the efficient implementation of an SAP® project is a common view of the process flows and the system to be implemented. It is important to harmonize the view of the departments on the processes with the view of the IT department.


In concrete terms, this means that the needs of the specialist departments must be understood from the outset during implementation. In addition, the system should be optimally adapted to the process sequences in order to avoid unnecessary and costly subsequent improvements or adjustments.

Common understanding between IT and business

SAP Einfuehrung

With our Symbio Add-on Symbio for SAP, you can combine both views in one solution. You use a process-oriented approach to create a just-in-time and just-in-budget SAP implementation: Accelerate the entire planning, implementation, testing in advance and the implementation of an SAP implementation. With Symbio for SAP, change management, tests, cases, resource planning, training plans, data, etc. can be set up without any problems. The entire requirements management is process-oriented.

Symbio and SAP Solution Manager 7.2


Symbio has a bi-directional interface to SAP Solution Manager 7.2, which guarantees a smooth exchange of data between
Symbio and SAP Solution Manager. You define your processes in Symbio,
synchronize these settings with SAP Solution Manager and define your business applications in SAP.

Your advantage: the SAP system supports the processes in your company from the very beginning.

Your advantages of a process-oriented SAP implementation

Synchronize the processes in Symbio with SAP Solution Manager for customizing, testing, rollouts, etc.

 Perform fast bottom-up analysis without impacting your daily business

Save time and reduce effort through best practices

Integrate different teams on a professional level (development and management)

Create excellent SAP solutions

Use the process knowledge for employee training

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