Quality Management

Improve the quality of processes, successfully carry out certifications and audits

Symbio Qualitätsmanagement

You are faced with the challenge of having to document your processes as part of a certification process? You want to clearly increase the quality of your processes? The process concept is already firmly anchored in the quality management (QM) of companies. However, process descriptions are still often written in a simple text editing tool.

Symbio offers you a wide range of options to model and optimize your processes.

Symbio makes it easy to create quality management manuals or auditable process documentation. For example, you can maintain all information relevant to quality management directly in the individual processes. Quality management manuals and process documentation for audits can then be generated at the touch of a button.
Symbio also allows you to easily and efficiently organize your processes using different views according to the criteria of ISO 9001 standards. This enables you to respond to auditors’ questions in a targeted manner during audits. Successful certification certifies that you have transparently documented your processes, mastered them and clearly defined goals, responsibilities, etc.

Implementing quality management efficiently with Symbio

 integrated QM system that safely covers audits and ISO certifications (such as ISO 9000:2015)

easy creation of QM manuals at the push of a button

digitized processes – the basis for your continuous process optimization

significant improvement of process quality

less redundancies in the process flows

 continuous connection between company guidelines and the process world

highest revision security

release cycle management for your processes

a central contact point for all employees

Use Symbio as an integrated management system


Combine the advantages of Symbio as a classical QM system with those of an integrated management system:
cover many other requirements such as risk management, document management and business process management.

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