Enterprise Architecture


Reconciling business and IT

In most organizations, the IT landscape has grown over the years. Many different IT systems are used. This poses many challenges for small and medium-sized companies as well as corporations:


   Lack of visibility into the IT landscape and supported business applications

  The IT strategy is not consistent with the business strategy

  IT systems do not support business processes in the best way

   Effects of system migrations on business processes are unclear

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) aims to manage, harmonize and link complex IT landscapes with business process management, i. e. to align them with business objectives.

Symbio keeps you in control of your IT landscape. Quickly identify the impact of changes in the IT landscape on your processes. Manage large harmonization projects or digital business solutions efficiently.

EAM – A view of processes and IT

Successful EAM means a common approach to the strategic goals of a company and information technology. A visualization of the interrelationships via process models facilitates the mutual understanding of both areas.

EAM supports the respective departments in understanding the concrete effects of IT on their processes and helps the IT department to orientate itself to the development of the company.

Enterprise Architecture Management with Symbio – Benefit from the advantages

Efficient management of complex IT landscapes


   Linking business and IT to achieve business goals faster


   Integrated use of IT and business data in a single tool


   Various analyses and reports for communication between divisions and departments


   Common understanding between IT and departments

Connect your processes with Enterprise Architecture!

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