P+Z presentation at PMOK 2018


P+Z Interview about the presentation “Process Mining for BPM” at PMOK 2018


Mr. Zeller, please introduce your company briefly.

Ploetz + Zeller GmbH is a long-standing innovator in the field of process, quality and integrated management systems. For more than 13 years, the company has been developing sustainable, technologically leading customer solutions with the products Symbio and movmint and accompanies successful companies from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations.
The P+Z team focuses on consulting and software, an integrated company map, simple and automated data management as well as modern and interactive integration of all employees. With the product movmint (electrostatic method foils) the customer can design the change on the wall in the workshop with the employees, photograph these results and digitize them directly in Symbio. With Symbio, processes, customer journeys, organizations, etc. can then be mapped, optimized and published in an audit-compliant manner.

With additional services and strategic partnerships, we are integrating our products into the largest business technology ecosystem of Microsoft Corporation – the Azure Cloud, expanding our product portfolio with Microsoft, SAP, Process Analytics Factory, msg global and other partners. Symbio thus becomes the leading web-based BPM-QM system and offers customers future and innovation.

Today, the entire company is agile – scaled scrum – and has combined this method with end-to-end processes. We work together with our customers, partners and employees in a spirit of partnership and openness – always under the motto “simply innovative and successful together!


What is the focus of your presentation?

In our view, process mining is part of the BPM lifecycle. Especially in the analysis and optimization phases, Process & Data Mining accelerates business optimization in the BPM lifecycle. Thus, Ploetz + Zeller and Symbio connect both worlds – the plan (the integrated company map) and the actual data (the “live” data in the map).

Why “Self-Driving Management System”? Self-propelled cars are somethin everyone speaks about and the technology is ready. Today, drivers use google maps as a matter of course. You enter the destination, get the map for an overview and receive live traffic data. Thus google takes you to your destination in the fastest way. If this data is now enriched with environmental information and other services, we can take our hands off the wheel and close our eyes soon.

If we transfer this to the company’s goals, then there is considerable potential for Symbio’s integrated management system in the future. Today, Symbio already represents the company as a whole. Thus, processes, strategies, customer journeys, projects, IT, machines, organizations, etc. can be built up and networked automatically in Symbio. The result is a company map, which we at P+Z then combine with indoor geo-data, cognitive services, live data from operative systems and valuable process mining data. If we now look to the future and integrate artificial intelligence more and more into Symbio, then we can look forward to interacting with management, giving up tasks and being ideally accompanied. Then Symbio becomes a companion. That is our goal!


What developments do you expect in the process mining market?

We currently see process mining as an analysis/diagnosis of past business transactions. This gives business analysts in the company a quick overview of all well-running and badly running business transactions that are mapped by the company’s systems. Combined with business metrics, this provides a good basis for process optimizers to find or underpin their optimization potential on an evidence-based basis.

From our perspective, integration into the BPM lifecycle, linking to key figures and simplifying data preparation are essential for rapid diagnosis in the short to medium term. When the Symbio team speaks of diagnosis, we mean clear recommendations for action/optimization suggestions that are easy to understand and can be derived from experience from the analyzed data.

In the future, Symbio Process Mining will deliver more and more live data in our autonomous management system Symbio, simulate the future and analyze further and new systems without manual effort in the context of the company map with artificial intelligence. The Symbio Personal Assistant will then access this data and guide us through everyday life and work with other Personal Assistants. We look forward to making more holidays in the future, having more time for the family and having a companion in Symbio, who accompanies our customers on their way to business success..