Symbioworld in the certification process for ISO 27001 certification with Symbio

In order to guarantee our customers higher data security and ideal framework conditions for their data, we are currently in the ISO 27001 certification process.

Within the scope of certification, clearly defined technical and security-related standards and procedures with responsibilities are defined. This provides us with a basis for the further development of IT security concepts/security standards and for the adaptation of regular changes. In this way, we reduce IT risks and ensure a secure and protected environment for your and our data.
In addition, we can strengthen and increase trust and transparency towards our customers and partners.

With Symbio we use our own tool for sustainable and efficient ISO 27001 certification. All processes are recorded by the entire company with clear responsibilities, key figures, goals and all relevant content. In order to also act as a role model, all processes are successively put into practice. On the basis of ISO 27001, we will expand the process landscape in order to also tackle the next certification – ISO 9001.