The pull of digitization

DB Netz AG relies on modern information management

12,000 sets of rules, around 2,000 instructions and more than 1,000 processes form the regulatory basis for the railway operations of DB Netz AG. These guidelines, specifications and processes are necessary to ensure the safe operation of the technical infrastructure. Together with Symbioworld, DB Netz AG is building a fully digitized management solution that maps all of these rules and processes.

So far, these sets of rules have been digitally stored in several different databases – depending on the topic, depending on the origin. This not only results in high maintenance and administration costs. Due to the lack of automatic correlation of this amount of data, the coordination effort is also considerable. “In a world with increasingly digitized work processes, it is of great importance that all employees can access the necessary information and process processes as quickly and efficiently as possible – regardless of whether they are clerks in the office or maintenance personnel on the track who is on the go with a tablet, ”explains Lars Fischer, Head of Quality and Process Management at DB Netz AG.

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