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 BPM Services 365 with Symbio

The digital workplace assistant in the entire BPM lifecycle

Symbio BPM Suite Screen auf Laptop

Entire business model (strategy, customers, IT, etc.)

Automated modeling and

Efficient process analysis with Symbio Process Mining

Simple and standardized user interface

Automatic generation of various process graphics (swim lane, flow chart, etc.)

Symbio – the simple and efficient BPM Suite

As the most innovative software in the BPM market, Symbio accompanies all employees in the organization as a digital partner. The automated process modeling, integrated workflows and the clear structure in the system allow all users an efficient use. The integrated networking to all company views (customer, strategy, processes, organization, IT, products, risk, documents, etc.) is also simple and efficient. In Symbio you connect your company effectively and with little effort into a comprehensive management system. In this way, we accompany you from strategy to continuous improvement and promote the cooperation of all employees beyond their process boundaries in the BPM lifecycle.
We offer our web-based solution as a complete SaaS solution with additional packages such as process mining, eLearning, indoor navigation, reporting and other integrated microservices such as automatic translation

Employees support decision making and new insights

Easy configuration of specific content (fact sheets, new objects, etc.)

Customized design of the interface (corporate identity, various entrances)

Effective migration from external systems (ARIS®, Visio, others.)


Process Management

Modern & intuitive

user interface

Symbio-USP-CllaborationIntelligent &


100% web-based

Automated Business Process Management

The simple process modeling in Symbio is a simple way to support process managers and process modellers in their day-to-day tasks. The processes are no longer “painted” but are automated and brought into a clear layout. Symbio models the processes in conformity with BPMN 2.0 and also offers the EPC (event-driven process chain). Symbio automatically makes process visualization available to users in various graphical views (e.g. swimlanes, flow charts, horizontal and vertical or even individual views). These can be changed simply by clicking on them. The other views, such as the organizationis also automatically created in Symbio.


   Automated modelling of process information

   BPMN 2.0 modeling managed in the method

   Automated generation of views of the company

   Standardized layout and ad-hoc graphics (swimlane, flowchart, configured profiles, others.)

Symbio Automatisiertes-Prozessdesign-und-Analyse

100% web-based

Thanks to innovative web technology, Symbio is available in various cloud variants. Whether you want to use it in the private or public cloud – that’s up to you. Attractive licensing models ensure that you can use Symbio in a resource-saving manner that is tailored to your needs. Easy access to the system gives your employees the ability to start Symbio from anywhere, anytime and start right away with process improvements.


   100% operational in the cloud


   Saves resources

   Ready for use everywhere and at any time


Intelligent & efficient collaboration

A company can only change if all employees are involved in your decisions and process changes right from the start. All employees work on a single user interface and can view and edit approved content. Symbio allows all employees to work together intuitively and integrates everyone with different collaboration options. Every user can comment on the processes and data and submit process optimizations using the feedback and comment function. The workflow notifies the person(s) responsible ad-hoc, who can include this information in the processes. As reviewers, all employees can evaluate the processes before they are released and check the process as a neutral instance. Thus, the knowledge of the entire company flows into your processes.


 Simple knowledge transfer

   Permanent process optimization possible

 Higher employee satisfaction through integration into business processes

 Higher employee satisfaction through integration into business processes


Employees provide targeted support for decision making and new insights


Modern and intuitive user inteface

Our team aims to build a technologically leading and innovative solution. Symbio combines the modern technical infrastructure with an intuitive user interface and an extensive range of functions. The simple operation with a standardized user interface guarantees a quick orientation for the employees and consequently a short implementation. This leads to a high acceptance among your employees and clears the way to transparency within the entire company. The static user interface automatically saves all changes and provides the user with continuous information and assistance during operation.


 Standardized user interface and content structure for all users

 Supported modeling for quality-checked process modeling

 Process modelling also for unexperienced, occasional users

Individually customizable content such as home page

web- and cloudbased technology

Symbio home screen individualisiert

SaaS solution



Holistic business 

management system

Internationalization of processes

Attractive SaaS solution

We offer a complete BPM package with our SaaS solutions and support you with extensions, expertise and technical support. Our enhancements to the standard include:


  • Identify potentials from your system-supported actual processes – with Symbio Process Mining
  • Automate learning processes in IT applications and promote process-oriented learning with Symbio eLearning (powered by SAP Enable Now)
  • Navigate in the room and get the right information in the right place – with the integrated NavVis
    Automated transfer of workshop results – with the Workshop Scanner

We take over the complete technical management and guarantee a strong Symbio performance in the long run.

 Economic SaaS Offer in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

   BPMN 2.0 modeling managed in the method

 Increasing integration with Microsoft 365

 Symbio as central tool with further add-ons and microservices

Open interfaces for further services

Efficient data migration

Being a migration expert, we migrate your existing data into Symbio in a very short time and with minimal effort. The migration supports BPMN2.0, Visio, ARIS®, Signavio® and other types. Our standard ARIS® converter allows us to successfully migrate data from large corporations and SMEs. Please contact us and we will check the feasibility of the migration with project progress and duration.


 Efficient ARIS® migration within a very short time
   Data migration of different file types is supported (BPMN2.0, Visio, etc.)

   Free feasibility analysis

Symbio Einfache BPM Suite

Holistic business management system

Symbio is an intelligent BPM system with extensive functionalities and already covers more than just process management. Solutions include the Enterprise Architecture Model (EAM), Document Management System (DMS), risk management, requirements management, etc. In addition, Customer Experience Management is integrated holistically into the existing Symbio world and links the internal process world with the customer view. The combination of project planning and strategy in Symbio offers your company the advantages of a digital workplace.


 Integrated solutions such as Customer Experience Management, Enterprise Architecture Management, Risk Management, Quality Management, etc.

   Integrated Customer Experience Management for Customer Journey Maps

 All solutions in one system with one user interface

Symbio as a digital workplace for all employees. The whole lifecycle is integrated in Symbio.

Internationalization of processes

With professional variant, version and filter management, globally operating companies can map everything in a database worldwide. Each employee can select the information individually. The authorization concept enables employees to display the relevant information only for targeted groups. In this way, you select the database for the permited groups. Our automatic translation service allows you to manage multiple languages in your database. All languages are supported and translated with one click.


 Relevant content only visible for certain groups

 All data in one database

 Master/slave distribution model for the administration of a central database with several local databases (group and company)

Adapting processes according to location with variant management

Variantenmanagement, Berechtigungskonzept, Filterin einer Datenbank

Holistic solutions for your company

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