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Symbio, das moderne BPM System

Symbio is the simple web-based BPM suite that supports companies from strategy to continuous optimization in the BPM lifecycle.

All users access Symbio via a single system or interface. With its extensive range of functions, Symbio is more than just a BPM tool. It is ideally suited as an integrated management system for the entire company.

Complete company mapping
(strategy, customers, IT, etc.)

Automated modeling and
 analysis of processes

Easily configurable,
user-specific accesses

Automatic generation of views



Modern &

Intelligent &


100% web-based

Automated Business Process Management

Symbio is a BPM Suite for professional business process management. We have attached great importance to the fact that you can record business processes in different representations quickly and easily. In addition to BPMN 2.0 notation, Symbio also offers you other standards used in companies, such as event-driven process chains (EPC). All other views or models, such as organization charts, are built up automatically at the touch of a button.


   Automated modelling of process content

   BPMN 2.0 modeling managed in the method

   Automated generation of views of the company

Symbio Automatisiertes-Prozessdesign-und-Analyse

100% web-based

Thanks to innovative web technology, Symbio is available in various cloud variants. Whether you want to use it in the private or public cloud – that’s up to you. Attractive licensing models ensure that you can use Symbio in a resource-saving manner that is tailored to your needs. Easy access to the system gives your employees the ability to start Symbio from anywhere, anytime and start right away with process improvements.


   100% operational in the cloud


   Saves resources

   Ready for use everywhere and at any time


Intelligent & efficient collaboration

Changes in the company can only be successful if you involve all employees in your decisions and process changes from the very beginning. You can bring your employees together with a wide range of collaboration options such as feedback and commentary functions in Symbio. You can exchange views on process changes and provide further suggestions for process optimization


   Guarantee for continuous process improvements

   Greater employee satisfaction through involvement with the processes

   Promoting innovation

   Employee’s viewpoint significantly supports decision-making and new insights


Modern and intuitive

The Symbio BPM Suite is the first choice for enterprise-wide process optimization and control. In addition to professional business process modeling, Symbio focuses on intuitive usability. The simple operation and modern user interface lead to a very high acceptance among your employees. They pave the way to transparency within the entire organization.


   Individually adjustable home page

   Controlled modelling for quality-assured process modelling

   Process recording also for inexperienced, occasional users

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