First BPM suite free of charge - Symbio for free

Process management has never been easier. "We aim to empower everybody to come on board and increase their business potential simply and efficiently!" Oliver Zeller, CEO of Ploetz + Zeller

Ploetz + Zeller wins Process Solution Award

In cooperation with our client Roche Diagnostics GmbH  Ploetz + Zeller wins the Process Solution Award in the category process modeling. The award was handed out during the Proces Solution Day on the 28th April 2015 in Cologne.

NEW: more interfaces

new interfaces to other BPM systems (Adonis, ViFlow) and collaboration tools (Confluence) have been developed over the last few months.

Business process management from one source

BPM consulting

Process- and process method consul-tancy with the motivation of anchoring business process manage-ment in organisations in a broad way and across departments

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BPM software

Efficient and intuitive business process management tool for process creation, -modeling and -publishing including extended BPM functions like collaboration, reporting etc.

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BPM hardware and methods

Set up process flows in workshops with the Movmint hardware and import the process flows in Symbio.

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We lay emphasis on


  • Install and get started immediately
  • Simple and straight forward modeling
  • Automatic process graph generation


  • High acceptance
  • Simple data maintenance for departments
  • Unites knowledge in a portal


  • Data maintenance possible anywhere
  • Simple integration in existing IT infrastructure
  • Parallel modeling in Symbio Web


  Symbio Client (for free) Symbio Client (licensed) Symbio Web (for free) Symbio Web (licensed)
Organizational data creation        
Process modeling        
Release Cycle        
Role- and User Concept        


With the for free versions there is a limitation of 20 process models (eg. one main process) and 160 process steps which can be created

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1st place in the category process modeling

In cooperation with our client Roche Diagnostics GmbH P+Z wins the Process Solution Award with the Symbio workshop method

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Symbio Web

The Internet-based system allows you to operate your BPM with ease and low requirements on your server infrastructure. No installation is required on the Client. You only need a browser to start working. The process architecture is managed via the Web interface. Graphical modeling is highly automated, uses a tabular input procedure and complies with our goal of avoiding "sketching". The graphical modeling feature is supported by a set of rules which exclude methodological errors and allows the modeling of templates.

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Analyse actual processes based on SAP-data in an automated way

In cooperation with our partner Process Analytics Factory we facilitate you with the opportunity of analysing and generating actual processes based on SAP-data. Data is being extracted, transformed and analysed before processes are analysed and optimised with the Symbio Modeling Client. We look forward to your requests concerning a pilot.

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New: Symbio Web

In cooperation with Ploetz + Zeller the IT service center ratiodata develops the browser based Prozess-Designer for the graphic modeling of processes. Human resources data from SAP can be added to the processes.


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